Emergency services called to Newington Road crash

Emergency services at the scene Photo Em Hamill

Emergency services were called to a crash on Newington Road in Ramsgate last night (July 4).

A car collided with another vehicle before spinning and mounting the pavement. It ground to a halt after hitting a bin.

Photo Ben Rochester

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police received a report of a collision involving a car and a van at 7.15pm on Tuesday 4 July.

“Officers attended the scene in Newington Road, Ramsgate, with other emergency services. No serious injuries were reported.

“Officers assisted with vehicle recovery and the road was clear by around 10.15pm.”



  1. That’s because they drive like idiots along that road.. every time it rains a massive puddle appears there and still they speed through it.

    Only way they’ll learn is if they’re hurt and thankfully no innocent people were injured.

    • you probably think everyone drives like idiots on every road, but your driving is brilliant, safe and would pass the 2023 driving test/theory and hazard perception, aye?

  2. Treat ALL drivers as idiots because many of them are, psychologist have proven that fast drivers make the worst lovers because they like to get things over with quickly. Thanet must have more than it’s share of useless lovers judging by the fast “ look at me” drivers.

    • “psychologist have proven that fast drivers make the worst lovers because they like to get things over with quickly. ”

      Can you link us to the peer reviewed psychological long form studies that quantify this empirically?

  3. No where in this article does it mention ,speed of the cars,but I agree,about idiot drivers,a driver of a German made car ,but might be van drivers fault,and just to something in ,a idiot cyclist ,cycled straight out in front of an ambulance with blue lights and sirens going at the crossing ,outside Tescos on Margate road ,today, the ambulance 🚑, had to slam their brakes hard to miss this idiot, how they didn’t hit the cyclist, alone can say is wtf is this person doing out ,without a brain

    • Ray, is your full stop key broken? Run on sentences that resemble word salad are REALLY hard to parse any kind of useful info or context from.

      • You obviously understood ,what I was stating,I checked before I sent the post,for punctuation,but something magical has happened in the ether,or something

  4. I live along this road and it’s awful.. that part especially you have cars parked right on the corners so hard for drivers to pull out safely with full visibility!

    Heaven forbid walking 5 extra yards for their chips!

    As for that cyclist I’d say it’s a prick on a bike than a cyclist, there is another couple that fly across the Stirling Way lights when it’s not their right of way too.

    • If you live along that road you should have a word with your neighbours about their pee poor parking skills then. Cause I’ve got family down that road and its usually locals leaving their cars in precarious positions for a day or two. Not chippy users…

  5. It will be only a matter off time when someone gets killed. Its really bad everywhere in Thanet.

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