Council interim chief exec Colin Carmichael expected to stay in post for another year

Colin Carmichael was appointed to TDC in 2022

Thanet council is expected to agree to a one year extension of the appointment of Colin Carmichael as Interim Chief Executive, Head of the Paid Service, and Returning Officer.

This will mean Mr Carmichael is in post until 31 July 2024.

Mr Carmichael, previously the Chief Executive of Canterbury City Council for more than 25 years, took the Thanet role in July last year following the exit of former chief exec Madeline Homer – with a £327,000 pay out- the month before.

Her exit came on the heels an independent report into failings at the authority, which included ‘serious breakdown’ in relationships of the top management team and the use of disciplinary action against staff trying to raise complaints.

Eight recommendations were agreed at a meeting of the council in May 2022 including a restructure of the corporate management team to create a role responsible for HR (human resources) and the requirement for Madeline Homer to enter into a formal coaching/mentoring arrangement.

However, severance arrangements in regards to the CEO post were raised and discussed at a General Purposes meeting just weeks later.

Councillors on the General Purposes Committee are expected to recommend the extended term when they meet on July 10.

Exit of Thanet council chief executive Madeline Homer confirmed


  1. Why, what is the justification, prove that TDC has improved ethically and morally no to mention in efficiency and competence.

  2. Good news that Ian Carmichael is staying at TDC as acting CEO for another year. According to some councillors I’ve spoken to, he is ridding TDC of the toxic culture that existed before he came to Thanet and it’s being run properly at last, like normal councils should be.

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