Get ready for the Thanet Vintage Bus Road Run

Vintage bus run Photo Frank Leppard

The Thanet Vintage Bus Road Run will take place on Sunday, July 16 taking passengers on a route around the coast.

The annual event is organised by the Southern Counties Omnibus Collection and will once again be raising funds for Cats in Crisis.

Last year the run raised £518.98 for the charity and organisers hope to raise even more this year.

Six vintage and classic buses are confirmed as taking part in this year’s event which will leave from The Look Out café on Royal Esplanade in Ramsgate at around 10.45am and take a leisurely drive around Broadstairs, Cliftonville, Margate, Birchington then Minnis Bay before returning to Ramsgate via Acol and Manston.

There will be several photo stops on route and a stop for an hour for lunch at Westgate – passengers need to bring their own food and drink.
This year the Omnibus Collection will be operating a bus in from Sandwich and one via Ramsgate railway station.

The vintage bus run is a free event.

Feeder buses from Sandwich at 9,30am, Cliffsend 9,45am and Ramsgate Railway Station 10.30am.

Buses start arriving at 10am and will depart for the run around the Thanet coast at 10.45am arriving back at Ramsgate between 4pm-4.30pm.

Find the Southern Counties Omnibus Collection on facebook here


  1. Real World – are you for real and always such a misery or do you write your comments just to wind people up?

  2. Will there be any ”proper” busses – where you get on and off the platform at the back ?

    I suppose those are all now banned by ”health and safety” ! I used to have to go on one, on my own, to junior school – and I lived to tell the tale.

  3. It was a great day out last year and there were several different types of buses to choose from.

  4. The picture shows two East Kent AEC Regent V’s, but I am sure there will be at least one Guy Arab IV with a ‘tin front’ and yes,an open rear entrance.There is bound to be a Routemaster,and probably a Leyland PD2/3 went and even an RT or AEC Regent III, all these have an open rear platform entrance.
    East Kent like Maidstone + District was a BET company, but bought buses from various manufacturers.
    The Routemaster was finally done in by ‘elf and safety’,but only after 50 odd years service, so it had a good run.
    On East Kent, rear entrance buses were done away with because of the conversion to OMO or One Man Operation ,now known as OPO, so it was economics not health and safety that did away with rear entrance buses, the bus conductor went the way of all things.
    I went to school on these and remember their predecessors.
    Mind you, the current Stagecoach fleet is old enough to be considered as vintage.

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