Customers invited to rock down to 1950’s themed The Boogie Barber

A 50's experience at The Boogie Barber

Neons, music on old school vinyl and themed posters are all part of the 1950’s experience at The Boogie Barber in Birchington.

The venture was launched last month by singer Serena Sykes, who is part of the band Bamboozle, and partner Aarron Moore who has had a career change from landscaping to barbering.

Aarron,32, undertook courses including his NVQ level 3 and specialised scissor courses to be able to follow his passion for vintage haircuts. He also offers modern styling.

Serena, 41, said: “We do every haircut, modern and vintage. Aarron loves the 50s and the idea for the shop came from my 50’s influenced band.

“We do a lot of festivals and when Aarron retrained to be a barber he got really into the scene and noticed the events didn’t have men’s barbers so he decided to specialise in old school cuts and old school client care.

“There are people who wat more time taken with a more specialised cut and that one-to-one client care.”

The pair have set up the business in a log cabin in their garden which customers can access from Westfield Road.

Aarron had been a landscaper but sadly had to lay staff off when covid hit, meaning work dried up.

Eventually he decided he wanted to retrain. Serena said: “He had wanted to be a barber since he was young and felt passionate about creating a good experience for customers and so he retrained.”

The log cabin has fabulous neon signs, 50s style art work and a vinyl record player with a choice of music for the customers.

Clients can ask for anything from Rockabilly styles, Scumbag Boogie, Peaky Blinder cuts to modern styling.

Serena said: “We encourage people to book with their friends, play the music and make it a bit of an experience.”

Serena, who with Bamboozle has recently been able to record at Dean Street Studios which has hosted stars including Ed Sheeran, added: “Long-term we’d like to open a cocktail bar alongside the barber shop, have later opening hours and make it a real event.

“We also would like to do themed nights eventually.”

The Boogie Barber is open Monday 10am-6pm, Wednesday and Friday 11am to 9pm, Thursday 11am -6pm and Saturday 8am to 3.30pm.

Find The Boogie Barber on facebook here

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