Motorbike seized during crackdown on nuisance riders in Dane Valley

Dane Valley Road Photo Jack Packman

A motorbike has been seized during a traffic operation in Dane Valley carried out in response to reports from residents of nuisance-riding in the area.

Kent Police officers teamed up with the Roads Policing motorcycle officers to carry out the operation on Wednesday (June 28).

Visible patrols were carried out and a drone was also used as part of the work to monitor anti-social riding on mopeds and motorcycles.

A motorcyclist initially failed to stop for officers when requested to do so in Dane Valley Road. The rider was reported for dangerous driving and driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence.

An off-road bike was seen by officers being ridden anti-socially by a teenager and they were suspected to be without the correct insurance. Work was carried out to trace the bike, resulting in it being seized by officers. The motorcyclist’s parents were also made aware of the incident.

A number of other motorcyclists were also spoken to and reminded about the importance of road safety, and traffic was monitored to ensure other road users were driving lawfully.

Inspector Jim Woodward of Thanet Community Safety Unit said: “Riding a motorcycle or moped without the correct documentation or in a dangerous manner, can leave the rider vulnerable and puts other road users at risk too.

“Road safety and anti-social behaviour are two of our main focuses for the force’s Safer Summer initiative, so residents should expect further proactive work across the district over the coming months.

“Residents in the Dane Valley have reported incidents involving nuisance riding and I hope they feel reassured that work is ongoing.

“We encourage anyone with concerns regarding anti-social behaviour in their communities to report it as it happens with as much detail as possible, so officers can deal appropriately with those responsible.”

Click here for further support and advice relating to anti-social behaviour and here to find out about Plans in place for a Safer Summer in Kent | Kent Police


  1. This should be done more often, my road gets this 24/7,idiots driving like idiots ,and don’t start me ,on people driving German made cars,all think ,they drive ,like ,Lewis Hamilton,in reality they drive like Mr magoo

  2. Well done to dane valley residents association for spearheading the reporting of this anti social behaviour. Dane valley residents,well done, police well done.together they will continue to see improvements in the area

  3. Should see how bad it is in Jacky Bakers park, a group of kids use it regularly as a trials bike park tearing round the place at top speed. The most thats been done about it is a couple of minute signs being put up saying don’t use motorbikes in the park. If you ring the police all they seem to do is make a note of it.

      • They might have down Dane Valley but every time I ring them about Jacky Bakers all they do is ask me to describe the kids and the bike and tell me if it happens again to rering them which I have now 10 times this year alone. Its been going on now for years.

  4. if there was a designated track for off road riders in this area it would stop a lot of this , but never has ever been provided – now if they wanted to be artists , thats another story.

  5. It’s no good telling residents to phone the police, they never come out to incidents like antisocial behaviour as it is happening. Now this above incident must be a one off for the policing team dealing with it so well.
    What about all those nutter driving flashy cars with machine gun noises popping out of them as they speed up and slow down constantly? When will Thanet police start dealing with them? Same few cars month after month illegally driven about antisocially. Take them off the road and crush them!

  6. Kent resident, it was people power. Dane valley residents association led by elected councillors kept phoning the police litterally hundreds of times over the last few months, eventually the police took action. The more people complain the more likely the police will respond

    • All power to your elbow Cllr Barry Lewis but it really shouldn’t take hundreds of calls to get something done should it? can you encourage your fellow cllr’s to lobby TDC to get our local police to really crack down on all anti social behaviour in Thanet, we’re all suffering from it, perhaps have a zero tolerance toward it 👍

  7. So can E-Scooters be seized next please! They are all illegal in Thanet, unless off road, but they are mostly seen on pavements! A little while ago I had 2 of them undertake me on the pavement either side of me, whilst on my Mobility Scooter, and a cyclist behind them! In fact I will see cyclists on Margate Road, Ramsgate (near the viaduct end) most days.

    • PS. Anyone know where I can buy a mini “stinger”, that I can throw in front of e-scooterists, and cyclists on the pavement, when out on my mobility scooter?

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