Bird Wise East Kent and Thanet Coast Project host exhibition of photo competition winners

Catching Chips by Judith Hall

Bird Wise East Kent has teamed up with Thanet Coast Project to stage a pop-up exhibition for the second year running.

Hundreds of photos were submitted when the competition opened in October with images for categories:

  • coastal wildlife
  • daring dozen – migratory birds that visit our coast in the winter
  • good coastal conduct – people doing things to benefit our coast
  • human impact – how people’s activities have been detrimental to our coast
  • coastal landscape
  • savvy sea dogs – people and their dogs using the coast without disturbing wildlife
  • under 12s
  • under 19s
Dogs in the sea by Stacie Goddard

Michael Lee, from Bird Wise East Kent, Thanet photographer Frank Leppard and isle nature expert Keith Ross undertook the mammoth job of choosing the winners and runners up.

Michael said: “Entries were a good standard and it was very difficult to whittle them down to two or three (per category) never mind choose a winner.

“In the wildlife and bird categories there were probably 50 pictures for each.

“Last year our exhibition was in March-April and we had lots of people but hope there will be even more this year with it running through the summer and the holidays.”

Short-eared owl before sunset by Tristran Smith

Winners and runners up for each category, and an overall winner, will have their images on display at;

Crab Museum, Margate – 17th July – 21st July with the awards ceremony taking place on the evening of the 21st

Hathats Coastal Classroom, Reculver – 24th July – 31st July

York Street Gallery, Ramsgate – 2nd August – 9th August

Droit House Visitor Centre, Margate – 11th August – 29th August

Horsebridge, Whitstable – 31st August – 12th September

Golden sky, sand and Star by Lydia Harbridge

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