Ukrainian fundraiser event to be held at East Northdown Farmhouse

Homes near Chernihiv after night time artillery strikes 2022

A Ukrainian style afternoon tea will be held at East Northdown Farmhouse garden next month to raise funds for those still in the war-torn country.

The event has been initiated by Ukrainian families who fled the war and found peace in the Thanet district. The aim of the event is to assist those who have remained in Ukraine.

The Russo-Ukrainian War  is an ongoing international conflict between Russia, alongside Russian-backed separatists, and Ukraine, which began in February 2014. It escalated in February 2022 when Russia invaded and occupied parts of Ukraine. At least 62,295 people have died since the upscaled conflict began.

East Northdown Farmhouse garden

The event will showcase the rich culture of Ukraine through music, art, history, and food. There will be a food stall featuring homemade baked goods and herbal tea from the Carpathian Mountains, as well as a stall with unique Ukrainian products such as handcrafted ceramics, natural honey, embroidered t-shirts, table salt from one of the oldest enterprises in Europe, and much more.

Additionally, there will be a trivia contest with interesting facts about Ukraine and an auction with exclusive items.

Children will have plenty of entertainment options, including a bouncy castle, homemade ice cream, and games.

The event is sponsored by East Northdown Nursery and Salvation Army. An organizer said: “We understand the gravity of the situation in Ukraine and how the people there are in dire need of humanitarian aid.

“Our team is committed to using the funds raised to purchase and deliver the essential supplies to alleviate their suffering. We will also be sharing our previous charitable works during the event.

“We believe that every act of kindness counts and we are grateful for any support from those who share our concern. Your generosity will go a long way in making a difference in the lives of those affected.”

The event will take place on July 9 from 1:30pm-4:30pm. Free entrance.

Entry through the nursery. Registration through the QR code is required.

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  1. Why does the West have this misguided obsession with Ukraine? Why is there no debate on the subject? Why can’t I watch Russia Today for the other point of view?
    I am sick of all this one-sided view in the media and will not support Ukraine and its scrounging, whining president. Why is he so special, I ask myself. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world, so why should we embrace it, as such? Stop supplying it with weapons and stop the flow of billions of pounds and dollars. Much of it not accounted for.

    • Robert Edwards you really are the most ill informed, ignorant idiot I have ever known, and a pillock to boot! Or are you just trying to wind people up? The president of Russia Putin, is criminally insane! Somehow he has managed to take over most if not all of Russia’s mass media, and convince many of its population the west ie: the EU and NATO are NAZI’s, and want to invade! These lies seem to have cost the lives of tens of thousands of innocent people, the latest was the bombing of a crowded cafe, killing adults and children! Why? It was not a military target, so it was an act of terror!

      Over 80 years ago my older sister Beryl was killed similarly, by a German bomb unleashed by Hitler, who had convinced the German people that Britain and France were going to invade Germany once he had control of the mass media! I don’t know how old you are Robert, but you don’t seem to have a very good grasp of history, because Putin is acting out of Hitler’s play book! If he successfully captures Ukraine, he won’t stop there, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, and Poland would be next. Putin has spent 20 years taking over Russia, turning it into a police state, where murder, false imprisonment, torture and corruption are rife! We must show Putin that his evil regime can’t kill innocent people, destroy their homes, and livelihoods without consequences! Yes, Ukraine was corrupt, but so are many other countries, but it was making an effort to stop this, because it wanted to join the EU, which it could not do without complying with strict rules of democratic accountability! This is another reason why Putin wanted take over Ukraine, because he is scared of democracy, and the success of the EU, which his Russia does not have!

      • Totally agree ,dumpton, if putin ,had overran Ukraine easily, he had stated ,that he wanted,the old ussr ,back,it would mean every country of the old Soviet bloc back under Russian control,I do hope within 6 months ,he is taken out of office,in any which way ,and hope the middle of Russian politics takes over,and comes to its senses,Robert Edwards sounds if ,one he should back at school of two ,in a home somewhere

      • Dumpton, you entirely miss the point I was making. I object to this one-sided view without any concern for free debate and discussion. There is a Russian point of view but it is not heard. That is censorship in anyone’s book.
        Putin is obviously not mad, as you claim. He has the support of the vast majority of Russians.
        The Ukrainian army has been bombarding the largely Russian-speaking people of the Donbass since 2014. As soon as they declared themselves independent republics, Putin went in to save them from Ukrainian attacks. Zerenskyy has banned all opposition parties in Ukraine, has banned the Russian language and has eyes on banning the Orthodox Church in Ukraine. He is no democrat.

        • Robert Edwards I agree with you 100%. Unfortunately people are easily deceived by propaganda. I think it’s wise to read news from both sides of the war to get a more balanced idea of what’s going on. Rusia Today is still available to read, and you can download the app by searching Google, or Firefox (however has been removed from Android Play store).

          It’s a shame the money raised by this worthy event is not being used to help the citizens of both countries, the suffering Ukrainian’s, the Russian towns that are being bombarded, & the many civilians killed in Donbass etc. The Ukrainian & Russian public didn’t create this mess, it was their governments. I hope there will be peace for all soon 🙏, and that money raised is not spent on bullets.

          • Rubbish, M M Rees. The whining Zerenskyy has made the speaking of Russian to be a criminal offence. The depth of anti-Russian hatred is total. Even Russian books are forbidden.

      • Dunpton what would you want our government to do if Russia had us surrounded. They had moved thousands of miles towards over the 20 years and looking to move closer. Constantly doing weapons tests near our borders. That after they lost 1/6 of their population to the nazi invasion. You’d be a little bit terrortorial and defensive

    • Because they sit and watch BBC or Sky news all day. Main stream propaganda. They still probably line up for their 5th shot of poison as well

    • You are correct Robert and the continuous attempts to shut down any informed debate are depressing but predictable in this propaganda war with some shrill meaningless cries here. The Daily Reckoning, Paradigm Press in the US did a neat piece answering some of the mainstream propaganda:
      “Mainstream Spokesman: Here we go — another Putin apologist. You and Trump should get together.
      Advocatus Diaboli: Believe me, one day we will. But nevermind that. Just hear me out…
      Putin had warned for years that Ukraine was his line in the sand, his “red line.” He would not accept Ukraine within NATO, menacing at his doorstep. In reality, no Russian leader would, even a “liberal” one. But you people just kept poking the bear.
      And you spent eight years or so arming Ukraine and training its forces. That was in direct violation of the Minsk agreements. Germany’s Angela Merkel has since admitted that NATO deliberately violated the agreements.
      Then you turn around and say Putin’s attack was unprovoked. I’m very tempted to call you people hypocrites.
      Meanwhile, Victoria Nuland, some understrapper in your State Department, actually bragged about engineering a coup against Ukraine’s pro-Russian president in 2014 (the Boss is keeping a dossier on her, believe it when I tell you).
      And she’s practically bragged about blowing up Russia’s pipeline! Did you hear her?
      To you people, Ukraine is a sort of pet project. To Russia it is a strategic imperative. How would you like it if Russia was arming Mexico and invited it into a formal alliance? Well, now that Putin has pounced, you clutch your pearls and take to the fainting couch.
      HELLO! He warned you this would happen. But you didn’t listen”.

      • Right, there is NO free speech or mass media in Russia, so how will anyone get the facts, not from Putin’s propaganda. Any alternative is quickly shut down, and the proprietors jailed! Just for the record, the International Criminal Court has accused Putin of war crimes, which means over a hundred signed up countries to the ICC are out of bounds to Putin, because if he went to any of them he would be arrested! The main crime is Putin has had over 200,000 Ukrainian children abducted from their families! This is not just a war crime, which it is, but is evil and abhorrent to most civilised people!

        Why is Putin reducing whole towns, and even cities to rubble? Its pure terrorism, and twin 14 year old girls were killed in the cafe that was targeted last week! That is a war crime! If Putin isn’t stopped, then he would make Ukraine into a vassal state, and enslave the population. If he then attacks the Baltic states, which are members of NATO, and he is mad enough to do it, then it would mean nuclear war, the 3rd world war, and last! So wake up people, and support Ukraine or we could all die!

        • Dumped on, Zerenskyy has banned all opposition parties in Ukraine. Russian-speakers are punished if they speak Russian and the Orthodox Church is under threat of being scrapped. Zerenskyy is a scrounging parasite who seems to have duped the West and extracted billions. Wake up and smell the corruption.

    • There is always has been and always will be homelessness,not nice ,but that’s life ,at least they are not bombed and shot and raped,Me pink ,staff a crowd funding page ,if you want ,instead of moaning

  2. A recent study from the Cleveland clinic shows the more vaccines you have the more times you are likely to have had covid.
    Dr Aseem Molhotra done a study that showed that within 6 months of having the jab people in their 50s went from an average risk of having a heart attack in the next 5 years of 11% saw a rise to 25% chance. Which would be physically impossible to cause even with the worst lifestyle for 6 months. We have a huge excess in deaths and massive rise in heart attacks.
    More people have been hospitlised from covid vaccine side effect than covid now.
    The government laughed and partied. Pharmas made billions while you have been sent the poison queue M Rees over the common cold. Please wake up

    • Dr Aseem Molhotra is discredited in professional circles. The occlusion of his research are worthless, because they have not been peer reviewed.
      I’ve had 5 covid vaccinations, and caught covid twice: the first time was a bit unpleasant, the second I only knew I’d got it because I took a test.
      The vaccine does not stop you catching covid, but it suppresses the symptoms, speeds recovery and helps prevent long covid.
      It is less of a poison than a bottle of gin.

  3. One or two contributors here are trolls. It is their intention to disrupt discussion because they are out of their depth re the true situation in Ukraine.
    Others simply resort to abuse.

    • “One or two contributors here are trolls”? You’re telling me they are! And not just trolls but conspiracy theorists.

      • I dont think it’s conspiracy anymore. It’s only a few mainstream outlets that are still going along with the pretence. Surely you are questioning things by now

          • Well maybe you need to start considering you was told you’d need 1 jab, it would stop transmission and it came from a market.

  4. It has to be remembered that for the most Ukrainian refugees are women and children! The men are are still in Ukraine, fighting for their country, so give what you can and help ALL refugees, as I do! Mostly Refugee Action, Refugee Council, and the UNHCR! I tend to give more to UNICEF the children’s refugee charity, because I was once a child refugee, along with my mum!

    • This is where you know absolutely nothing apart from what you see on the news Dumpton. If you went out on a Friday night in Kiev life would seem completely normal. Things arent great, but nothing like portrayed. It’s a proxy war. And I’ve been in Ukraine

    • Reply to “Ten 11”. On the contrary, I was told none of those things. I read and heard that, at the beginning of the vaccination programme, I should have an anti-covid vaccination. I did not read or hear that this would stop transmission of the virus. I read and heard that a livestock market in Wuhan currently seemed to be the initial transmitter of the virus from animals to humans.

  5. It is not so much that the news from the BBC is inaccurate. It is biased to the degree that it is distorted. You see. It is not so much about what is included but more of what is left out. One side is painted as the embodiment of all that sweet and pure while the other side is painted as the embodiment of pure evil. We get it all the time. That can’t be right. How can it be true if only one side is heard, only one side’s view is promoted.

  6. The BBC is well-known for its impartiality. This is why I watch and listen to it, rather than to things like GB News.

    • M M Rees, the BBC is notoriously biased and acts as a propaganda arm of the Woke movement. It is also anti-Russia to a blindingly extremist level. Of course you watch it, M M Rees, because you prefer its slant. You are biased as a consequence.

      • I was taught from childhood that egalitarian and tolerant are how people should be, not embittered and full of hatred for people who aren’t like them.

        • M M Rees, I was taught neither in school. We did not have political indoctrination when I attended school. We were taught English, maths, geography, etc.
          Now, children are taught some rubbish about “gender fluidity” and trans-whatever. Small children changing gender, etc. Sick. There are only two genders and always have been and they are determined at birth.
          No one hates anyone. We simply reserve the right to set the record straight about Ukraine. It is called free speech.

          • The moral values I mentioned in my previous comment were taught me at home as well as at school. They were not taught by formal lessons but by the behaviour of the adults I knew.

          • “We” which “we” is that?
            And when you say “set the record straight” you mean impose your views and opinions.

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