Southern Water team attend burst in Broadstairs

Water burst in Broadstairs

Southern Water has sent a team to deal with a water burst in Broadstairs today (June 28).

The burst has created a ‘fountain’ on Victoria Parade. The water company says it does not yet know how many homes might have supply affected.

Staff are expected to attend and ” replace a ferrule,” which are rings used for fastening, joining, sealing, or reinforcement.

UPDATE: The repair has been carried out and was finished just before 1pm today.


  1. Opposite Monkton Nature Reserve there has been a water leak in the road since 2021 and it’s still leaking, I have reported it 4 times I drive along the road twice a day. I dread to think how much water has been wasted over the years. Workmen had the road up some time ago but they never stopped the leak.

  2. Don’t forget, you can’t use your hosepipe as there is a water shortage.
    Don’t know why 🤔

  3. There has been a leak on this road for over 2 months. I reported it but the southern water web site only gives a report page, no phone number like gas leaks. It took over 10 mins to report and you even have to do the donkey work and look up the post code. Nothing happened. Until today and it burst.

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