Police investigate two complaints of drug ‘spiking’ during Dreamland gig


Kent Police say enquiries continue after receiving reports from two people who said they suspected they were ‘spiked’ at a gig at Dreamland on Saturday.

In a post to facebook  one young woman issued a warning, saying she had been stabbed in the arm with a needle and then became violently ill.

Her father also shared a post to social media, saying: “She lost all feeling in her arms and legs and started to foam at the mouth, she was then taken to the medical tent by a friend and family member at which point she was totally unresponsive.

“After being admitted to QEQM A&E (she) remained unresponsive and had multiple seizures for a further three hours before finally being violently sick and slowly starting to speak. After a CT scan lots of fluids and observations she was finally let out of the hospital.”

The father thanked ambulance crew and hospital staff for “the excellent care and treatment that (she) received.”

He said they understood several people had been unwell. Police say two complaints were lodged.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “On Sunday 25 June, a woman contacted Kent Police to report that she may have had her drink spiked at Dreamland, Margate the previous evening (24 June).

“On Monday 26 June, Kent Police received a separate report that a teenage girl had become unwell at the same event and had subsequently discovered a puncture wound on her arm.

“Enquiries to establish the full circumstances surrounding both incidents are ongoing.”

Kent Police said no arrests have been made.

A Dreamland spokesperson said: “On Saturday night two people were taken to hospital from Dreamland Margate where the Worried About Henry event was taking place.

“One patient showed symptoms in line with those of drug use (/absorption). We understand that the patient has subsequently recovered. The other patient was suffering from non-drug related symptoms of a pre-existing medical condition.

“Dreamland staff and medical teams worked closely on the night to ensure that the patients were given the best on site care and transferred them to the local hospital in a timely and safe manner.

“We take the health and safety of our customers extremely seriously and should local Kent Police or medical staff see any requirement for any further investigations we will of course cooperate fully.”


  1. Such a shame. I don’t know if this is happening more or if people are more aware of it because it’s reported more. Either way it’s so dangerous & it’s good to hear that there were no lasting problems for the victims.
    No doubt some will blame the event or the venue. When the only people to blame are the perpetrators. I hope they are caught & held to account.

  2. this inciddent has taken crime in thanet to another level , injecting members of the public for christs sake , i can only wish these idiots could be imprisoned. you cannot imagine what might be in the syringes

  3. Yet people still defend these type of events! At the very least, Dreamland should be a bit more careful about the type of acts they book (how about some classical or opera concerts?).

    • Are you a friend of Rees-Mog!!!
      Young people want to see their kind of music, not old fuddy duddy, boringly expensive stuff only the elite are interested in.

  4. Kin hell what’s the matter with people

    Why on earth would you do that to another person.

    Find them and lock them up, they are safe around the public

  5. My daughter went to the gig on Saturday and her best friend had to be taken away by ambulance.
    It seems there was a spate of drink spiking or needle stick injections.
    They hadn’t been drinking alcohol because it was just too hot.
    Checks were minimal at security and to be honest you’d have to strip search to find anything.
    It’s a dark world these days, such a shame.

  6. They shouldn’t be allowed to hold any more concerts until they can demonstrate to the authorities that their security checks are more robust.

    • Spot on. Run by amateurs and controlled by idiots. For those who say these things happen…. be thankful it wasn’t a member of your family this happened to. next time it might be.

    • The problem is that it’s not been proven that the injuries and reactions were the result of substances being administered by injection , you’d hope that the nhs might be able to identify if the reaction was due to an injected drug and what that drug was. But in the absence of that proof you are effectively trying to improve security to prevent something that may not have happened. How many people are stabbed on the nations streets each year, but there is still huge opposition to stop and search.

  7. Yeah it’s not as if these type of things never happen in pubs…perhaps we should all stay at home and lock the doors. It’s the audience – ie young- at this type of event that probably requires more stringent security. I’ve been to 4 since they started with not a hint of trouble – maybe organisers should limit the events to a more grownup audience to prevent the youth spoiling things for themselves. Shame, but there it is.

  8. i think its the idiots that commited the crime that need an injection , similar to those in certain parts of the usa , but that will never happen in this country led by wimps

  9. I’m calling B/S.
    Is it not more likely that someone partied a bit too hard. Couldn’t handle it, ended up in hospital and needed any excuse because she’s not mature enough to own up to her own mistakes so needed some excuse to tell employer or parents?
    Someone randomly spiked her! Err yeah ok then🤦‍♂️

    • What sort of person would deliberately take something that could put them in hospital, other than severe drug addicts?

      • Come, come, Ms Pink. Stop being so naïve.

        Many people take ”party drugs” and/or inhale nitrous oxide. They are morons with little or no regard as to the outcome or consequences.

        • The only things I tend to digest at parties are sandwiches, a slice of cake and a cup of tea. One doesn’t need to become intoxicated to enjoy quality music.

      • Those that wish to experiment with illegal substances of unknown provenance , enjoyed by many every weekend , but has the risk of causing an adverse reaction. Just google “ exctasy deaths”. It’s hardly a new phenomena.
        The opinion voiced by Alex is also not uncommon and the “i was spiked “ heard in a&e departments around the country more frequently than many would think.
        But every accusation has to considered and investigated thoroughly, but try and find many verified cases of spiking via injection , let alone successful prosecution.

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