Cannabis plants seized during raid on property in Sarre

Emergency services

A police raid was carried out at a property in Sarre this morning (June 22).

Officers carried out a warrant at a large property in Canterbury Road due to suspicions that it was being used to cultivate cannabis.

A large number of cannabis plants were seized during the raid and officers are now trying to trace the people responsible for the grow.

Items taken out of the property

A Kent Police spokesperson said: ” Kent Police officers carried out a warrant at an address in Sarre on the morning of Thursday 22 June following suspicions the property was being used to cultivate cannabis.

“A large number of cannabis plants have been seized and enquiries are ongoing to trace those behind the site.”


  1. Passed this in the afternoon driving into Canterbury and thought they were speed checking until on my way back and got a strong whiff of this.

    • “Best way to stop people growing and selling drugs is to NOT TAKE DRUGS! Simples.”

      Not, “simples”.

      But a borderline reductionist take centred around a myopic worldview.

  2. Would have liked to see a photo of the consumer unit,the lighting and hydroponics. As a sparky I always find this stuff very interesting, however, understand why it would not be posted. I went to three on Broadstairs High Street in one week years ago.

  3. So legalising it will stop these scumiodes from continuing to take part in illegal activities? what are all the grower’s, the delivery teams, brainless foot soldiers that sell it on the streets, going to do for work once it’s legal, do you think those brain dead zombies that buy it aren’t going to continue nicking stuff to pay for it? give ya head a woble….. keep up the good work KP, I’ll continue to dob these low life’s in every time I see it.

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