Get ready for live wrestling and a massive rumble match in Ramsgate this July

Lock Horns Wrestling Alliance

Live Pro Wrestling comes to Ramsgate in July as the first of a series of events organised by Margate-based Lock Horns Wrestling Alliance.

LHWA is run by Keith Hawkins (AKA Rocket Keef Chaos) who decided to combine his  lifelong passion for wrestling with a desire to provide an alternative space for family friendly entertainment.

He hopes that by providing the community with a host of talented wrestlers following a running storyline through several matches and events, it will inspire the next generation to one day learn the craft, just like the British greats Drew Macdonald, Robbie Brookside, Steve Grey and Doug Williams had once ignited the passion in him.

The first summer event takes place at The Windmill pub in Newington Road on July 8 with Keef Chaos, LHWA champion Andros Jay , The Demon Death Squad, Jackson Arrow , KM Lane and many more .

The show will include singles matches, a tag team match, two championship matches, a debut LHWA women’s match and a massive multi-person over the top rope rumble match

Barbecue will also be available along with refreshments from the bar

Tickets available at:

Find Lock Horns Wrestling Alliance on facebook here


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