St Laurence CofE Junior pupils explore prayer spaces and Peace Garden

Year 6 prayer space sessions

St Laurence CofE Junior Academy has given Year 6 children the opportunity to explore prayer spaces. Led by Maggie from the local organisation ACTS (Active Christianity in Thanet Schools), the sessions aimed to address the children’s transition from Year 6 to secondary school, offering them a calm and serene environment to reflect on their hopes, fears and aspirations.

The school used various spaces for the experiences, including a calming area indoors and the picturesque Peace Garden outside. The activities conducted during these sessions were tailored to the Year 6 children, ensuring they received the support and guidance needed during this stage of their educational journey.

The prayer spaces encouraged students to focus on themes such as transition, thankfulness, the future, and their individual hopes and worries. By providing a serene setting, students were able to explore their emotions and concerns as well as a sense of gratitude for the journey they have embarked upon.

RE lead Mrs Mountjoy said: “Providing these spaces for our Year 6 children has been a wonderful opportunity for them to explore their thoughts and emotions in a calm and supportive environment. It is our hope these sessions will help them during this period of transition.”

Year 6 teacher Miss Sig added: “This week, many of our Year 6s have been taking part in some prayer activities in our lovely peace garden. It’s been fantastic to see them demonstrate some really deep thinking by asking thoughtful and sometimes tricky questions!”

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