Hartsdown pool ready to reopen after 16 month closure

Hartsdown pool reopening

Hartsdown Leisure Centre pool is reopening on Monday, June 26.

The pool has been shut since February 2022 when the roof was damaged during   Storm Eunice.  Then “further complex required works “ were needed.

Work started on site in November but the need for additional interior work pushed the original reopening date of May back to this month.

Warren Reeves, Managing Director of Your Leisure, said: “We are pleased to be able to bring the pool provision back to Hartsdown Leisure Centre after a prolonged closure and thank everyone for their patience and support while the project was completed.

“All of us at Your Leisure cannot wait to welcome the community back to the pool as we know how important our local pools are to us all. I would like to thank our partners at Thanet District Council for managing the project and the whole team is looking forward to seeing you soon.”

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  1. I would be interested to know what internal improvements have been made. It was really grotty the last time I went in there.

  2. i agree with Bill , theres no smoke without fire in thanet , when you hear the worst , its nearly always true , thanet is a dumping ground anyway , o and great news about hartsdown pool to hear a public ammenity reopen for once.

  3. Now the pools fixed how about getting the parks sorted out, make places where the families can go for a nice day out, entertainment, decent restaurants nice gardens etc .
    I know someone will say that they will be ruined by vandals but why should we all be denied a better quality of life by the idiots. Other towns have parks take a look in Dover for example. Hartsdown for sport, Northdown and Dane parks for family days.

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