St Laurence Junior students dive into world of art and climate change

Year 3 youngsters created art at a workshop on plastic pollution, climate change and jellyfish

A group of enthusiastic Year 3 students from St Laurence CofE Junior Academy have embarked on an adventure at a Turner Contemporary workshop.

The session was designed as part of Ramsgate creative studio SPACER’s climate and creativity programme.

It focused on plastic pollution, climate change and the mesmerizing world of jellyfish along the Thanet shoreline. The visit marked a continuation of St Laurence’s collaboration with SPACER, following a successful project earlier in the year with Year 4 and 5 children.

Led by Aphra Shemza, a multimedia light artist known for creating interactive sculptures and installations, the workshop aimed to inspire the St Laurence students by exploring the pressing issues of plastic pollution and climate change through the lens of art. The Thanet shoreline, with its rich marine ecosystem and its struggles with plastic waste, served as the backdrop for this creative endeavour.

Under Shemza’s guidance, the Year 3 students immersed themselves in a range of thought-provoking activities. They delved into discussions about plastic pollution, its impact on the environment, and the importance of taking collective action to preserve our planet’s natural beauty. The children learned about the fragile balance of marine life and the detrimental effects of plastic on sea creatures, with a particular focus on the fascinating jellyfish species found along the Thanet shoreline.

The workshop provided an opportunity for the children to channel their new found knowledge and creativity into hands-on art projects. Each child crafted their own jellyfish, showcasing their artistic flair and their understanding of the issues surrounding plastic pollution.

Mrs Mountjoy, phase lead at St Laurence Junior Academy, said: “This workshop was a fantastic opportunity for our Year 3 students to explore the intersection of art, climate change, and environmental responsibility. “The combination of Aphra Shemza’s expertise and the vibrant setting of Turner Contemporary allowed our students to develop a deeper appreciation for the importance of protecting our planet and inspired them to become agents of change.”

One Year 3 student shared their thoughts on the experience, saying, “I loved making the jellyfish and learning about how plastic pollution affects the sea creatures. It made me want to do more to help our planet.”

The workshop provided a platform for St Laurence students to delve into the complex issues of plastic pollution and climate change through the medium of art.