Concern that double yellow lines installation at College Road section will cause crashes

Robin says the new set of double yellow lines will not prevent crashes

Double yellow lines being installed in Margate, opposite Salmestone primary school, will cause accidents rather than prevent them, says resident Robin Vaughan-Harlington.

Kent Highways says the lines in part of College Road and Nash Court Gardens will prevent parking which is contributing to repeated damage of the bollards and railings.

But Robin, who says he has seen numerous accidents over the years at the spot just outside his home says more yellow lines will not prevent crashes.

The wellbeing consultant said: “What they are proposing will make it even more dangerous. The problem is at certain times of the year the sun hangs low and people can’t see properly.

“Putting yellow lines there will make a narrow road look even narrower and will make the wall and bollards seem like they are more in the middle of the road and make people think they have to keep left.

“They are doing the work on the wrong side of the road in my opinion.

“If they put some speed bumps in and removed the zig zags from outside the school and replaced those with double yellow lines, the road would then be wider, reducing the risk of accidents.

“It’s a very lazy bodge job. I have told them time and time again it’s the sun and we need speed bumps. They won’t be satisfied until the road is full of yellow lines and the accidents will still happen.

“That’s what happens when you sell off land for housing, chop the trees down and then have the low sun blinding drivers.”

Kent County Council says: “The railings and bollards on the retaining wall between College Road and Nash Court Gardens have been hit numerous times. Despite sections of railings being removed and replaced with bollards, damage is still occurring as vehicles park at this narrow part of the carriageway, restricting space for other vehicles to pass, even when parked with two wheels on the footway.

“It is therefore necessary, to prevent further ongoing damage and subsequent maintenance liability, to restrict parking at the narrowest part of the road.”


  1. Perhaps a post with glowing chevrons on would be more useful this indicating that you can go to the left or right. ?

    • They did the same sort of thing up St Augustines rd in Ramsgate, it a big wide rd plenty of room to park both sides and two cars can travel and pass each other yet they extended the double yellow lines absolute pathetic. Then turned the regency hotel /school of English into flats , 90 cars don’t fit in 40 spaces absolute nightmare to park .also it’s free so it’s used by those that don’t live anywhere near .

  2. Inconsiderate drivers will still park on them. We’ve had them installed in Southwood and idiots still park on them. We’ve still yet to see a traffic warden ticket people which seems both a waste of time in respect of the cost of the consultation, time taken to do the work and staff time, then a waste of a revenue stream for the council as they would make a killing if they had parking wardens.

  3. Well if Thanet Council police these lines like the yellow lines in Beatrice Road you don’t need to worry, because on a daily basis l drive along Beatrice Road and vehicles are always parked on yellow lines and on the footpath making it hard for kids to get to school safely and also vehicles finding it hard to get along the road too.

  4. Double yellows all the way down the school side, and on the pavement on right side should have bollards. Also should be traffic officer at school drop off and pick up and enforce no if’s or but’s untill these parents realize how dangerous they are.
    Walk to school or go to a school in your catchment area

  5. All these problems could be resolved if drivers parked properly, because a lot of drivers don’t care about yellow lines double or single.
    A Great deal of drivers have a attitude of as long as I’m ok,they don’t care about other people, and they don’t care about the highway code, or what the law is.

  6. You fill Thanet with double yellow lines if you don’t have enforcement officer to police them they mean nothing.

  7. There are enforcement officers operating in THANET, a neighbour recently woke up to find a ticket on my car, because when she arrived home from QEQM Hospital in the early hours of the morning we should be in for treatment is nowhere for her to park near to home because double yellow lines have been added whilst shipping, the hospital for 14 hours. I understand that double yellow lines are not legal until they have been listed on the KCC website. This information may not be correct. That is what I’ve been told by a retired solicitor. I’ll pass this info on to the neighbour concerned THANET council / KCC should put a lot more SLOW DOWN markings on the roads because a lot of idiots are driving far too fast road conditions and more radar traps need to be set up to catch them.

  8. where i live theres yellow lines , cars are parked on them all day and at weekends – if you manage to get through to tdc after half an hour of trying to get you go online, they say they will let the right people know ? guess what nothing is ever done.

  9. Traffic wardens should be bought back, the fines dished out would fix the potholes problem, and stop people parking on the grass areas near the hospital, mud bath when wet.

    • TDC has plenty of enforcement officers, but they seem to be left to decide where they work for the most part. They also seem to work from home, it might be an interesting exercise to map the number of tickets issued close to the various officers home addresses and tickets issue first thing in the morning at end of shift and either side of lunchtime.
      As for hazards, try boundary road ramsgate, early mornings and the double yellows have cars on them which block most of the pavement as well as forcing two way traffic on what is a fairly busy road much closer than they should be. Though by about 7am they’ve all gone.

  10. “They also seem to work from home”

    Seems like you are making up your own ‘facts’ with no evidence…

  11. The problem is the fools who park on the zig zag lines outside the school. If you look at the photo you’ll see some idiot has parked a van on them forcing larger vehicles over towards the railings.

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