Photos: Rag ‘n’ Bone Man at Dreamland

Rag 'n' Bone Man at Dreamland Photo Frank Leppard

Photos by Frank Leppard

Dreamland was packed last night (June 10) for a gig by Rag ‘n’ Bone Man.

The event was the latest in the Margate Summer Series line up which includes Queens of the Stone Age, Bastille, N-Dubz, Tom Jones and more yet to come.

In February Dreamland was granted a new premises licence doubling the number of outdoor events.

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22 June                               Queens of the Stone Age

1 July                                     Bastille

7 July                                     McFly

8 July                                     N-Dubz

27 & 28 July                         Tom Jones

5 August                               Primal Scream & Happy Mondays

18 August                             GZA

19 August                             Dizzee Rascal

25 August                             Olly Murs

26 August                             Hacienda Classical

2 September                        Goldie, Adam F, Congo Natty, Dillinja & DJ Hype

8 September                        The Streets

9 September                         Two Door Cinema Club

16 September                      Morcheeba, Tricky, Nightmares on Wax, Zero 7

30 September                     UB40 feat Ali Campbell


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  1. Does anyone remember that cranky old man that used to post here….. I think he claimed to be an author?!?!? Was a fan of all the disgraced stars like Saville and Glitter?!?

    I don’t miss his inappropriate comments, he’d post on this thread about this gentleman’s figure no doubt.

    Wonder what happened to him? I do worry something happened to him, he was a hateful old man but I don’t wish he to be suffering alone.

    • Not Impressed,
      What a nasty person you are.
      You are obviously referring to Peter Checksfield.
      You are also somebody who thinks they know everything about any thread that is on IoTN.
      Of course you can say what you like, under the guise of some stupid name.
      Clearly, you don’t have the guts to put your real name.
      But then most on these threads, particularly the insulting ones are all the same.
      Maybe the editor should request a full name for comments on her articles.

      • I certainly don’t miss Peter Checksfield’s rude, unsubtly misogynist
        and racist -and in my case personally insulting- comments. “*” sounds just like him.

      • Where have I posted inappropriately?

        Different to your opinion is not inappropriate.

        Mocking others weight etc is inappropriate.

        Nowt ironic about my post.

      • It was his best work and I think all regular posters know he is still here posting under many different names. Including the first one here. Hence my comment and the replies to my post are clearly him. 😉

  2. I see on fb that there were lots of drunken fights there. Must’ve been a living hell for the neighbours at chucking out time (glad I live in Ramsgate!).

    • Apparently after the rave type event a week or so back at Dreamland, a large number of people descended on mcdonalds which ended up staying open way longer than usual to deal with the queue , it wasn’t entirely good natured and at one point a machete was produced and used to menace, fortunately no injuries. On cctv i’m reliably told.

        • The police are aware of the machete incident, though of course you could never prove it was anything to do with a dreamland event. But yes , entirely agree that there needs to be a close eye on how this summers events proceed and if necessary measures put in place to improve things. But has to be said to date nothing dreadful has happened ( well that we know of)

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