Fox cub rescued after getting wedged upside down in a tree in Ramsgate

Bailey's face is still swollen after his ordeal Photos Sheila Stone

A fox cub is being looked after by rescue centre workers after being discovered hanging upside down in a tree in Ramsgate.

The cub, probably about 4 to 5 months old, got stuck after falling from a wall and landing upside down in a small Bay tree but with his leg trapped.

Kent Fire & Rescue service was called and contacted the Kent Wildlife Rescue Service.

Volunteers Sheila Stone and Mark Noone attended and rescued the cub, now named Bailey.

Sheila, who had been manning a stall at Quex Park, said: “I attended with Mark Noone, another volunteer, and found the cub upside down in a bay tree.

“His back leg was trapped between two branches that were crossed. He had been like that for a few hours, resting on his face.

“We released him and put him in a cage to observe him and noticed the swelling on his face. He was also dragging his back leg.

“After speaking to Lorraine at Kent Wildlife Rescue Services it was decided that he should go to rescue. We took him back to Quex and other volunteers arrived to take him to the vets and then to rehab.”

Photo Helen Hooper of KWRS

Bailey was taken to Briar House vets and given a course of pain relief. He is being looked after by Kent Wildlife Resce Service at Sheerness and being closely monitored so if he starts limping on his back leg he has got to return to Briar House for an X-ray.