Boy injured after being hit by car in Broadstairs

South East Coast Ambulance Service (image Secamb)

A boy was treated by paramedics and then taken to a local hospital after being hit by a car in Broadstairs yesterday (June 7).

Kent Police was called to a report of a collision between a car and a pedestrian near the junction of The Broadway and St Peter’s Park Road shortly after 3.30pm.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the pedestrian was taken to a local hospital.”

The youngster’s injuries are not believed to be life threatening.


    • I hope the child is ok,but straight away you suggest it’s the car drivers fault ,until the facts are known please don’t assumptions,the other day ,I had a school child run straight out in front of me ,at the pedestrian crossing on st peters/cane court road, the girl ,never looked and couldn’t be bothered to use the crossing ,just took her chances ,I suppose that would have been my fault ,because I drive a car,get a life rosie

      • You are absolutely obliged to stop for a pedestrian on a crossing.
        The clue is in the name.
        You see a pedestrian crossing, you see a pedestrian, join up the dots.

        • This incident was not at a crossing ,it was close the junction,read the report,and yes the insinuation, can be read as ,it’s the cars fault

  1. I too think there are too many cars on the roads. Rosie didn’t suggest whose fault this collision was.

  2. Too many pedestrians not looking before they cross as well. Seems both parents and school don’t teach the the children about how to cross the road. More children and chancers crossing by chance I stead of actually looking properly before crossing. It’s not always the drivers fault though there are a lot of crazy drivers driving without due care and attention as well. So both parties need to keep eyes peeled.

  3. I believe the pedestrian has a responsibility to wait at the kerb until it is safe to cross not just assume, cars cannot just stop dead because you put your foot in the road. At least that was what I was taught by the green cross man.

    • If a pedestrian wants to cross a road from one side to the other, then that is indeed the case.
      But, if a pedestrian is walking along “main street”, and wants to cross the junction with “side street”, then she or se has absolutely and vehicles turning in to or out of “side street” *MUST* give way. That’s what the new Highway Code says. In fact, the old HC said that turning traffic must give pay to pedestrians who are already crossing.

      • Whether the pedestrian has right of way or not they should always look before crossing, just stepping off the pavement without looking is a stupid thing to do, a person could easily be hit by a speeding bike.

  4. You said:”…I had a school child run straight out in front of me ,at the pedestrian crossing …”

    • I should have put about 20 m before the crossing ,as it is controlled by lights ,she should have used the light controller crossing,she made no attempt to use the crossing,just ran straight out

  5. That’s a different kettle of fish altogether.
    Indeed she should have pressed the button and waited for the “Green Man” – and hoped that cars stop (they don’t always!)

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