Access Ramsgate: Dropped kerbs, buses, loos and shops

Access Ramsgate now has hi-viz tabards

By Laura Probert of Access Ramsgate

When Access Ramsgate met at Radford House on Wednesday people from all over Ramsgate began to share their grievances about the problems they encounter getting around and accessing buildings in the town.

Access means different things to different people, but one of the main problems was that many people attending the meeting do not have internet access so the group need to devise another way to keep in touch.

Many topics were covered, including cobblestones and tactile dropped kerbs, especially when wet, uneven pavements,  changes to bus routes especially the numbers 9 and 45, and design of buses with poles getting in the way.

People complained about access into and out of shops such as Poundland and wondered why disabled people were not consulted when toilets, cafes and stores were being re-designed. Many toilets were narrow and difficult to access whether or not you have a disability.

Several people asked about both the lifts on the East Cliff and Westcliff and we will ask councillors for the latest information. Access to the beach was also mentioned. Some people remembered Ramsgate used to have a boardwalk and this would be of benefit to young families with pushchairs too. .

Access Ramsgate’s next meeting will be on Wednesday 5th July at 11am in Radford House, in Effingham Street, which has easy access for mobility scooters and wheelchairs.

Do come along if you have any concerns about access issues in your part of town. We are hoping to invite a speaker to discuss dropped kerbs and cars parking on pavements. We will also be handing out some maps of Ramsgate for people to highlight dropped kerbs, or more importantly, where there aren’t any dropped kerbs in their area. This will be transferred to an interactive map which will be discussed with KCC and TDC representatives in due course.

We have now acquired sone bright orange hi-viz tabards so if you see someone in the town wearing one please feel free to chat to us.

ACCESS RAMSGATE aims to ensure that:

ACCESS means ACCESS for Everyone

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  1. The Westcliff lift is in private hands, so TCC can’t do anything about it.
    Brilliant scheme: looking forward to seeing the interactive map.

  2. Christine, as a good, far Left politician should you be using the expression ‘crip friendly’?

  3. Oh, its the rabid right wing troll Gerry O’Donnell, and the * moron, both able bodied I am assuming. I was still using a bike up until this time last year despite being in my ninth decade, but after 26 years had to concede defeat, and bought myself a mobility scooter, what a revelation! The pavements in Ramsgate, at least on Margate Road, are even worse than the roads, but that hasn’t stopped me having a near death experience every time I go out.

    Now the dust has settled at TDC I have made contact with Cllr Heather Keen, who is on the Environment & Community committee I believe, because its time the police stopped E-scooters, and people riding bikes on the pavement! All e-scooters in Thanet are illegal! Today I had some moron deliberately ride a bike at me on the pavement! I can almost guarantee this will happen the 5 days a week I use Margate Road, and not long ago I had 2 E-scooterists overtake me from behind, one either side of me, and a cyclist behind them!

    And don’t get me started on people who will not cut back their hedges, leaving them overhanging at face level! I have despaired with KCC Highways who should be taking a pro active position, and warn these people about it. I had one of their excuserists claim the hedges can’t be cut back because its the bird breeding season, Duurh. Birds will not nest on an overhanging hedge that a cat or fox can easily get to, and branches of overhanging hedges into the public pavement must be cut back for mobility scooters, and young mums with push chairs, also any pedestrian who may be visually impaired like me! Again Duurh.

  4. Mobility scooters, buggy are also not aloud on pavements or roads. You all need lessons and insurance, just dangerous full stop

  5. I was on the Loop just leaving Queens Road Broadstairs stop when two young men on e-scooters on the road swerved right across the path of the bus just as the driver was leaving the stop. How he avoided hitting the one in the blue top I do not know but luckily he did. The other young man was dressed in grey with a black skull cap. They proceeded to drive up the road on their scooters as far as the college jeering at the bus driver and laughing.I am presuming their parents paid for these illegal vehicles. Should they not be licensed?

    Mobility scooters are not an easy option. The state of the pavements or roads is so bad, no journey is easy, and we do not travel at anything like the speed of these e-scooters.

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