Emergency road closure in Westgate due to burst sewer main

Southern Water

A section of the Canterbury Road in Westgate has closed due to a burst sewer main.

Southern Water began repair work this evening (June 5) and the closure of the eastbound lane to Margate will stay in place until the work is complete.

This could take until June 16 although Southern Water hopes to finish ahead of that date.

A Southern Water statement says: “We are carrying out emergency repairs to a burst sewer main on the A28 Canterbury Road, Westgate-On-Sea.

“This work will begin at 7pm on the evening of Monday 5 June, and will result in the closure of a short section of  the road Eastbound toward Margate for the repairs to be completed.

“We are very sorry for the disruption this will cause to residents and road users. Unfortunately, without significant action, severe damage would be caused to the carriageway.

“A diversion will be in place from this evening, until Friday 16 June – although we hope the repairs will be completely much quicker and the closure can be lifted ahead of time. We will keep customers updated throughout the works via our social media channels and website.”


  1. I wonder if there’s a common factor at the root of all these road closures necessitated by repairs to water/gas/electricity/sewage?

  2. lets face it our services cannot cope with the huge volume of housing being put up all over Margate, we now have to battle with huge traffic problems around Haine Rd with the new road system being built because of housing and thats until December, this is a major road into Margate as is Canterbury Rd and with the summer season coming up its enough to stop people visiting the area

    • The collapse of the sewer, and the failure of the water pumps a few months ago, have absolutely nothing to do with the number of houses being built.

    • That too could be another trigger factor.. For me its wrotten rusty pipes. They burst.. Just like rusty pipes when they leak but pressure builds up. Our Aquifer sits in Manston.

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