Voluntary group needs your help to put on this year’s free firework displays in Broadstairs

Photo Broadstairs Firework Events

Broadstairs Firework Events aims to put on four displays this summer – but rising costs mean the voluntary group needs help to raise funds.

The displays are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday July 19th -with music on the bandstand from Hyperactive .
  • July 26th and music with The Dial.
  • August 2nd and music with Top Guns.
  • August 23rd, music from Ozzie and the Uglies.

But increased costs for security, insurance, pyrotechnics and other liabilities plus the added pressure of having to hire portable toilets because Thanet council says it cannot keep the public toilets open into the evening, means the group is appealing for donations.

In a post Broadstairs Firework Events said: “We are a small voluntary group that put these nights on, however we face a large increase in costs of staging these free events that are enjoyed by thousands of people.

“Despite part funding from Broadstairs & St Peters Town Council , Broadstairs Chamber of Commerce, Thorley Taverns , Morellis and a few other local businesses we may not be able to stage all four of the events unless we can raise sufficient funds to do so.

“Viking Fireworks, a fantastic, long established local company work alongside us to put on these displays and give great value.

“However all costs have increased significantly – security , medical cover, insurance , etc- and this year we face the additional costs of having to hire in portable loos, as regrettably TDC for various reasons can no longer open the toilets late into the evenings.

“So, if you enjoy these nights and want to see them remain as a part of our great summer season, could you please hit the donate button to help raise £2500 to meet the shortfall.”

Find the donation page here 


  1. When I first saw the headline,I thought that they needed voluntary workers,to put on the show.Reading further,they are on the ear hole,to finance this instant gratification,waste of money.
    Fireworks’ displays are definitely in my Room 101.

    • I dont know what it is, but they really do bring out the peasants. Always trouble when they are on. I dont know how you get so excited and find a reason to get drunk around a few free fireworks

  2. I came to Broadstairs on Coronation weekend and saw a good fireworks display. I don’t see why there are 4 more. Though I did notice that it seems good for the nightime economy of Broadstairs. We went to a restaurant, followed by a pub and a bar, all full

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