Three arrested after hundreds of cannabis plants found at Ramsgate property

Cannabis plants in the School Lane building

Three people have been arrested after hundreds of cannabis plants were seized by officers in Ramsgate.

This morning (June 1) a warrant led by the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate was carried out at a disused commercial site in School Lane.

The building was found to contain rooms filled with cannabis cultivations, believed to be more than 900 plants.

Officers from the Thanet Task Force and the Divisional Support Unit seized the drugs and dismantled the cultivations in the rooms, clearing them of any equipment.

Three arrests were made on suspicion of cultivating cannabis: a 35-year-old man and two men aged 22.

They all currently remain in custody while enquiries continue.


  1. If it was an unused property, where were they getting their power? Linked up to and thus “stolen” from someone else?

    • An empty property doesn’t necessarily have the power cut off.
      Let’s hope the previous occupants got a final meter reading when they left.

  2. I’m guessing theres lots of cannibus growing in houses across Thanet, here in Broadstairs I smell it daily walking down the high street!

    • Rumour ( but very much accepted) is that the recent grow house in broadstairs was in the high street, along with undocumented persons living in the basement, all of course totally unconnected with the business on the groundfloor if the protestations of innocence are valid.

  3. and nobody in the surrounding area noticed anything? The equipment didn’t magically appear on site, and surely these “farms” generate a lot of light polution?

    • Hi Maria not when they have heavy blackout plastic sheets and all the silver foil reflexes the light to where its wanted, it doesn’t take much knowledge to re connect electric if its only of inside and not actually cut through.

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