Further strike dates on Southeastern railway network

Southeastern trains Photo John Horton

Further strike action is to take place on the Southeastern railway network from tomorrow (May 31).

Strikes are scheduled for:

  • Wednesday 31 May – ASLEF union
  • Friday 2 June – RMT union
  • Saturday 3 June – ASLEF union

No trains will run on the network tomorrow and June 3 and there will only be a limited service on June 2.

Travel advice for Wednesday 31 May and Saturday 3 June

  • You cannot travel on these dates – there are no trains running and no replacement buses. For alternative transport options visit traveline.

Travel advice for Friday 2 June

  • There will be a limited service running
  • Only 58 out of 180 stations will be open. No replacement buses will serve stations that are closed. For alternative transport options visit traveline.

Rail workers are striking in a dispute over pay, conditions and passenger safety issues. The RMT say this includes: “unsafe practices for the travelling public such as a 50% cut in scheduled maintenance tasks and an unacceptable hike in unsocial hours.


  1. When is this all going to stop inconvenience to passengers businesses in towns on the Kent coast as much as I sympathize with them enough is enough perhaps businesses need to join together to claim loss of business from the union of leaders

    • Why not make a claim against the Govrnment and ToC? It’s their intransigence that’s contributing to this situation.
      And remember that it’s not just about wages. It’s about jobs, staffing levels and safety and convenience for passengers.

        • Why is what the rail unions say “propaganda”?
          It was the ToCs that said they wanted to close ticket offices and reduce train crews to just the driver. Is that “propaganda “?

    • Why claim against the workers ?

      Good job this isnt spot the tory competition as you make it to easy Brain lol

  2. i am just curious , is our post still moved by the rail network ? i only seem to get a heap of it about once a week.

    • No, that’s just Royal Mail being as lazy as everyone else! There have been several reports on it.

        • Online shopping has been a boost to delivery companies. The issue is that royal mail are not competitive or that reliable anymore.

          If Royal Mail had a clue what they were doing, they would have taken the lions share on online sales deliveries. Instead they buried their head in the sand and just kept putting prices up and becoming more unreliable at the same time. Then again that is what happens to all companies that were public owned and then go private. Profits over people and the standard of service always drops

  3. Yes buses are rubbish now. The loop is usually late & cant sit down because its full. Paying more for less as expected. I will get a car i think.

    • As a matter of fact, that’s not true.
      I catch the Loop frequently, at various times of the day. It is usually within a couple of minutes of its scheduled time, and I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t get a seat.

  4. Why not use cars, ( car sharing ) and boycott the railway. No travellers = no jobs, ( they will soon change their mind about striking and making peoples life a misery then ) and with the price of the tickets now surly it’s more economical. Oh and you can use “green” cars so there is no problem about pollution.

    • The “inconvenience” is brought about by the ToCs and the government. In the interests of profit, rather than service, they want to slash staffing levels.

      • Of course they want to slash staff wouldn’t you if they keep going on strike and are payed up to £70000 a year before overtime. Get rid of them for a faster cleaner and more efficient service. Perhaps then the rail companies would encourage more travelers and the cost of travel would its be lower. As it is in other forward thinking countries and big cities. Same goes for London Underground.

    • Let’s hope that all these new estates being built have a Disneyland type of transport around them to deliver residents to and from shipping centers and schools. Would be far better than buses or cars and a lot safer. All electric of course

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