Fire crews rescue pair trapped in old air raid tunnel in Broadstairs


Fire crews were called to Broadstairs last night (May 25) to rescue two people who had become trapped in an old air raid tunnel.

Two creas attended the scene at Pierremont Park at 8.23pm and used ladders to get the pair back to the surface.

A Kent Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 8.23pm to reports of two people stuck in an old air raid tunnel in Pierremont Avenue, Broadstairs.

 “Two fire engines attended, and crews used ladders to help them out.

 “Duty of care was left with SECAmb.”

Fire crews finished at the scene at 9,22pm.


  1. No one should ever need rescuing from here if they got in they knew how they had to get out, didnt go prepared and wasted a lot of peoples time.. absolute twats

  2. quite right , they should be billed for it , i think the emergeny services have more important things to deal with

    • You think the emergeny services have better things to do than help people in an emergency? You’re quite an odd person.

      • People who clearly jumped down a 10 foot drop with no ladder and should know better, theres a key holder for the main gated entrance in , no firebrigade needed..

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