101 light aircraft to make charity fly in at Manston in aid of the Martha Trust

101 light aircraft will make the fly in Image by Annette Leenheer

A fly-in of some 101 light aircraft will take place at Manston this weekend.

The Kent Strut event is in aid of the Martha Trust charity which provides residential care and respite in east Kent for profoundly disabled people and their families.

The Kent Strut branch of the Light Aircraft Association says the site is ideal as it has a 3km long hard runway, large grass parking and monster taxiways.

Polar Helicopters which man the radio (air ground) will handle radio ops on the day.

Manston airport general manager Gary Blake said: “We are expecting the first aircraft at 9am and the busiest period looks to be between 10am and 1pm.

“With 101 aircraft it has already exceeded our expectations and should be an interesting day.”

The fly-in will be taking place on Sunday, May 28.

The RAF Manston History Museum, which the Kent strut has formed a relationship with, will also be holding a three-day re-enactment event this bank holiday weekend.

Visitors will be able to see vehicles, troops and how their daily living would have been during years of conflict.

The event takes place on May 27-29, open 10am to 4pm.

Entry to the museum and event is adults £5.50, concession £4.50, children aged 5 and above £2.50.

RAF Manston History Museum and neighbouring Spitfire and Hurricane Memorial Museum are on Manston Road, Ramsgate.

Martha Trust is a registered charity that provides residential and respite care for people with profound physical and multiple learning disabilities. The charity has three sites with one of those in Hacklinge near Deal.

To find out more about the work at Martha Trust call 01304 615223 or email [email protected]



  1. I wonder if Craig Mackinlay will be flying one of his MAMA Airlines planes in…..on no! He won’t!!! Because Manston freight hub will never happen and nor will his stupid self-serving airline!!!

    Shut the door behind you Craig – your time is nearly up. Thank god you cretin.

    • How can a non-airport have a General Manager?
      What does he do? Log the tumbleweed, as it blows across the runway??

      • I suppose you’d rather fill manston airport with unwanted unneeded house’s your the one that’s ignorant ,I bet your a left wing labour supporter ,we need jobs and investment.

        • I don’t know about “Mama”, but I’m a Labour supporter and funnily enough I’ve always associated Labour with being keen to support the poorer end of the working-class- unlike the Tories, who are keen to support a very different demographic.

        • I am not a member of any political party Whatley, but get it right, the only thing that will ever fly from Manston are pigs!

  2. Oh no the noise and pollution the moaners will be hiding under their stairs in fear of an airport actually being used as an……airport.

  3. Great to see aircraft landing at Manston again and it’s all to benefit a worth while charity , bring it on !

  4. I bet the ‘no to Manston’ group will be there protesting. If there not, how hypocritical can you get..As they advocate, no Manston must mean no to Manston, no matter what..

  5. This could be awkward. How would you go about complaining about a charity event raising funds for a good cause.

    • Maybe by highlighting what a completely inappropriate match this event is with the charity’s objectives and beneficiaries given the huge detrimental impact on health that aviation has for the very people Martha Trust is there to help. Not sure how much “respite” there will be for those in care homes in Ramsgate that are directly under the flight path. No surprise that the nearest site mentioned owned by Martha Trust is in Deal

  6. Grow up. This one off event is a very different kettle of fish to a fully functioning freight Hub.

      • Regarding Mackinlay? It’s acceptable to call him names, he is a clown of the highest order. In his defence though… he’s a fine example of failing upwards.

        This is decent event for a decent cause. Well-done to all organised.

        All those wetting their knickers in anticipation of the freight Hub…… jeez. Get a grip.

        Also anyone using woke or snowflake as an insult, stop. It’s embarrassing.

  7. That would mean a good many miles travelling to get here for most of the anties. The few local nimbys might show as in the NNF group

  8. Oh yeh, love it! Manston NEEDS to be an airport again! I can’t believe those no to manston dips want houses there instead!!

    • I don’t think anyone should assume that people who don’t want a cargo airport near Ramsgate want the site to be covered in housing.

  9. If this was a live airport this event would not be possible. So the pros would have to refuse this charitable event because the cargo hub couldn’t be closed.
    And light planes are considerably more pleasant than dirty great cargo transports.

  10. fantastic news , and a worthy cause . and of course the airport being used for what it was built for . hooray to manston

  11. For those existing on a single brain cell, it is a one off charity event for light aircraft.
    If part of Manston was used for light aircraft,I doubt if many of the no cargo hub manston would object.Of course there may be a small group who might object to light aircraft,but they will be few in number.
    Anyone who mentions the words woke, snowflake or political correctness gone mad, will be sentenced to be tied down to a chair and shown never ending episodes of Rosemary + Thyme.

    • It’s interesting though how clean and well-maintained the road signs to ‘Kent International’ are!

  12. Martha Trust. They do not bicker and squabble. They just help people. Well done all involved

  13. Arty-farty, woke, PC snowflakes better take cover lol! Self-appointed aviation experts (who actually hate anything that flies with people on board) display their ignorance when they say this couldn’t happen at the cargo hub. They know nothing about flying and how you can fly any aircraft from any airport/airfield – jets can rub shoulders with microlights – if properly managed. It is set up to work that way. They are just all control-freakery – A self-appointed pseudo-intelectual idiot-class who just want to dumb-down, chop off the tall poppies, drag everything down so they can be on top …if only in their own perceptions. Bolshevism at its finest!

  14. Arty-farty, woke, political-correctness-gone-mad airport antis just need to DO ONE!

    • I like being an “arty-farty, woke” etc person. It seems by far the sensible and proper way to be.

      • “*” is getting more and more unpleasant, and continuing to tell lies. I am an actual person, with feelings and opinions, and hope very much never to meet “*”/ Peter Checksfield, as I don’t think I would be polite to him.

  15. I find it bizarre that there is this vocal few who seem so rapidly against aviation at Manston? It will make the place so much more interesting. It is a bit flat and run down here otherwise. If the airport doesn’t get used they will just build a load of horrible houses all over it. And this place will just become like any other provincial development sprawl? Boring. It isn’t even some kind of idyllic backwater here, as it is overpopulated and full of traffic, getting built up and too near the calital? So what is there to preserve that way? If you want that go to Scotland, Cornwall or somewhere like that

    • I think the local election results – where the Tories stood on a specifically pro-RSP airport platform were roundly trounced – should dispel the myth of a “vocal few” against the airport once and for all. That and the 1000+ locals who submitted detailed representations at the start of the DCO spelling out exactly why. (You should read them sometime).At every stage of the DCO examination, those against the airport significantly outnumbered the supporters.

      Those against the airport are not against regeneration, jobs or improving our towns and prospects. Far from it. We just want this to be actually real, achievable, viable and sustainable rather than the pipe dream and latest wheeze from one guy with no money and a long, long history of failure and scams that starts with misappropriation of client funds and then runs for decades of unpaid suppliers, holidaymakers left stranded and out-of-pocket, employees going unpaid for months – prior to losing jobs when airport goes bust – and local authorities carrying the can for debts running into the millions. Oh. And multiple failed airport schemes and travel businesses. Let’s read about all of this in the Isle of Thanet News, please. It’s all on public record.

      There really should be an investigation as to why our local MPs and so many councillors have continued to support this man, despite such a woeful track record, and why the local media continues to believe and promote a single word coming out of his mouth.

  16. This is just the sort of aircraft and airfield that TDC turned down.

    Some silly people are comparing this to dirty cargo planes moving every 15 minutes lol.

    Anyway good luck with the event

    • David bougthton

      How are you going to over come the problems manston had ? Please explain

      No fuel grid so no fuel infrastructure
      No decent road infrastructure
      No rail infrastructure

      Can we start with these 3 points first before we get onto who is investing 500million.


  17. A few cars causing temporary chaos on the day, imagine what 30000 would do if Manston became an unnecessary housing estate.

    • The key word is “unnecessary”. If it’s unnecessary, it won’t happen.
      That applies both to housing and aviation.

  18. I’m ASTONISHED that after 9 years people are STILL conflating “airport” with “housing”.
    The Local Plan (put into place by Tory/UKIP councillors) says where, and how many, houses Thanet has to build.
    So, either we have housing, or we have housing and airport.
    Which is the least polluting?

    • FAR more importantly, I do hope you’ll be giving this charity event the support it deserves. I will.

  19. Its always been my contention all those people who want Manston to re-open do not live in the CT11 postal code area who will be most damaged by it, and are morons!

    • This is an article about a charity event for a very worthy cause. As usual the comments section has been hijacked by people who wish to share their opinion on an issue pruely about the location of the event. Not the actual event. The use of personal insult’s (Cretin, Morons) does absolutely nothing to highlight the validity of any argument about the long-term plans for the location. In fact the opposite is true. I hope that the event is a resounding success & as much money is raised as possible.

  20. Well Dumpton, I live under the flight path and I want to see planes flying from Manston again. Oh and I’m not a moron.

  21. Aviation is changing and becoming much more environmentally sustainable. Many new technologies are being heavily invested in to meet the challenges of needing to be sustainable into the future. Anyone with any sense wants to see Thanet and East Kent involved and (for a change) at the forefront of developments. The airport is here and is a ready-made blank slate to redevelop into an aviation facility for the future. All the difficult stuff like groundworks, runways etc are here. The critics are indeed the ones living in the past as they oppose an airport as it was – not as its owners intend it to become. As for all the ‘arty’ and ‘café culture’ stuff that seems to set itself up in opposition – it is in no way mutually exclusive of a working airport. In fact it would all benefit greatly from it. East Kent needs its own business identity to prevent it just becoming a residential sprawl of a satellite suburb of London. The current Labour majority council someone mentions above only achieved that majority via false pretenses. No candidates ever mentioned local Labour’s policy regarding Manston. They just said when questioned that it was out of their hands and they were focusing on other matters. They were lying. They knew that to openly state opposition to Manston Airport would lose them votes in droves. So they lied by omission. Now we see them funding, aiding and abetting that embarrassing JR attempt Shameful and low-down beyond words, in method and motivation! Well let’s all hope that this event by the LAA heralds the bright future that awaits Manston shortly as a thriving aviation centre, to fuel prosperity for East Kent and the country. The sour-pussies who oppose it can go off somewhere and munch on rocks or whatever. None of us will care

  22. Yes they are so up themselves and rude these anti airport people aren’t they John? Bet they aren’t like this out from behind the safety of their keyboards. A very good demonstration of the downside of social media!

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