The official Margate Meltdown is back this Bank Holiday

Margate Meltdown Photo Frank Leppard

The Margate Meltdown is back this Bank Holiday Monday (May 29) for its 13th annual visit to the town and celebrating the 85th anniversary of Ace Café which organises the ride out.

Margate seafront and harbour is given over for the day to motorcycles and scooters, and diverse club and trade stands.
Live entertainment will be rocking the seafront from midday onwards with MC Bill Guntrip and the DJ’s Bill & George Guntrip, together with the three piece band “The Draglinks”, playing Rockin’ Blues , Rock’n’Roll and Rockabilly.

Photo Frank Leppard

The Royal British Legion Riders Branch (RBL RB) is the chosen charity for the event. Riders will leave Ace Cafe at 10.30am and travel on the A406 – A13 – M25 – A2 – M2 – A299 to Margate seafront

The Margate Meltdown is a free to attend event held annually on Spring Bank Holiday Monday.

Photo Carl Hudson

Last year the Meltdown was on, and then off, unofficially on -and then ordered to be off – due to an issue over road closures. In the end bikers still came in their droves for the annual run.


  1. Oh no all those dirty smell bikes lolol

    Thought I’ll get in first before the spoil sports lol

    Have a great day 😊

  2. All that power throbbing away between their legs must do something for the riders libido! Its the noise that bothers me as many have removed the baffles from their silencers, waking up night workers trying to sleep! No, this is an outdated form of recreation, and its time the riders grew up!

    • It’s one day out of 365
      Lots of money is raised for charity
      They do it for lots of different reasons
      It’s called a fun day out enjoyed by thousands

    • Chill out mate for one of the most deprived areas in Kent think of the income coming into margate tomorrow. With todays economic crisis you would think that the money coming in would be welcomed get a life if not get a day job instead of sleeping through the day or better still get some ear plugs. Enjoy your little boring life in your little bedsit. P.s nice to know someone in planet fanet has actually got a job

  3. Mr X,
    l thought you were going to write ‘ oh no, all those dirty smelly bikers’! Hahaha.
    As an aging motorcycle rider, l have mixed feelings.
    Good for the local economy? Yes.
    Good for the environment? Not really, especially when massed in confined and built up areas.
    Yet, and in general, a combustion engine motorcycle is far cleaner and causes no surface damage compared to most other similar driven vehicles.
    The noise really pixxes me off, though. Childish behaviour.

  4. And the mess left behind by the mindless idiots who can’t be bothered to walk five feet to a bin to discard a half empty chippy box.
    The council need to marshal this event more robustly.

  5. To all those coffin doggers. at this event there are all ages of bikers and both genders we are not all about the noise some of us enjoy the pleasure of a nice ride out and as for the rubbish left behind iam sure there is crap left behind most weekends in Margate not just by bikers

    • ‘Coffin doggers’?? The mind boggles! Or should I say ‘boggers’? Funny how truly offensive ageism isn’t even on the woke radar. Not that I want it to be but a bit of common decency and consideration wouldn’t go amiss.
      Anyway I think I know what you mean & I might be one such ‘dogger’. But I don’t really mind the Margate Meltdown.

  6. Yes only in Margate could this this sort of event be encouraged hot on the heels of a previous weekend of motorbike racing on the main sands.

  7. Most of these morons will soon be swapping their motor bikes for an Electric Vehicle, a mobility scooter!

    • You’re SOOOOOO right, X, the “spoilsports, do-gooders, social/aid workers and early model volvo drivers’and Thanet .council tried to to stop us last year, but Stumpy, The Ace Cafe, biker’s, scooterists, vintage motorists’, Teds, Rock&Rollers,musicians, stall holders’ and most of all, the GREAT ENGLISH PUBLIC STILL came down on their droves and thousands ALL STILL had a PEACEFUL, fun-filled, magical day, Peter Tilley.🌹🎹🕺💃🎬🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

  8. Incorrect PT.
    Nobody at TDC tried to stop MM last year. The correct paperwork was not received by TDC from the organisers in time for TDC to arrange road closures for the event.

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