Take a trip to the Moon at Discovery Planet HQ in Ramsgate

Sessions at Discovery Planet Photo Pete Bateson

Do you want to take a trip to the Moon? If that sounds like an out of this world experience,  join space scientists, Dan le Corre and his team, at Discovery Planet HQ on Ramsgate High Street this Saturday (May 27).

Find out how he uses Artificial Intelligence technology to detect the Moon’s surface features and give it a try yourself. You will learn how to use a moon rover to explore the moon’s surface and identify hazards or resources for future missions.

Photo Pete Bateson

The hour-long workshops are all free and there is no need to book. Just drop in on the hour, every hour between 10am and 3pm (which is when the last session starts). The 10am slot is a special quiet session for those that need a calmer environment.

You will find Discovery Planet HQ at 47 High Street, Ramsgate.

Discovery Planet’s Moonscape Adventure follows a full weekend of Building Skills workshops which hosted around 500 school children and members of the public who explored forces, levers and pulleys by constructing their own Rube Goldberg machines.

“These are chain reaction–type contraptions intentionally designed to perform a simple task in an overly complicated way. Instead of simply throwing a dice, participants had a lot of fun using bits and pieces found around the home to build machines to do it for them, with hilarious results.