Beach safety sessions from RNLI Lifeguards for St. Laurence children

RNLI lifeguards have visited children at St Laurence Junior Academy

St Laurence C of E Junior Academy welcomed two RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) lifeguards to their school on Wednesday to deliver beach safety sessions to all the children.

The sessions focused on educating the students about the various flags they might encounter at the beach, how to stay safe while enjoying the seaside and essential skills for emergency situations such as floating.

Organised by Mrs Mountjoy, Phase leader, the initiative was well-received and highly appreciated by the students and staff alike. The lifeguards shared their expertise and experience, ensuring the children gained valuable knowledge to stay safe during their visits to the beach.

During the sessions, the lifeguards spoke about the different flags and explained their meanings and significance. They emphasised the importance of paying attention to the flags and following the instructions provided by lifeguards to ensure their safety.

The lifeguards also covered essential beach safety guidelines, including how to stay safe in the water and on the sand. They discussed identifying rip currents, swimming between the red and yellow flags and always keeping a safe distance from the water’s edge. The students participated in discussions, asking questions and demonstrating their understanding of the safety measures.

The highlight of the session was the part on floating during emergencies. Connah, a Year 4 student, shared his newfound knowledge, revealing that the best way to float in an emergency is to assume a starfish shape. This technique enables individuals to remain buoyant while conserving energy and awaiting assistance.

Mrs. Mountjoy said: “The sessions were fantastic, and the children thoroughly enjoyed learning from the lifeguards. It’s vital for them to understand how to stay safe when they visit the beach and the RNLI lifeguards did an excellent job of conveying this message.”

The school says instilling essential skills and promoting a responsible approach to coastal activities means St. Laurence C of E Junior Academy is ensuring its students can enjoy their beach experiences safely.