Cannabis grow and weapons uncovered in Ramsgate following routine stop by police

Plants found by police

A knife found in a car during a routine stop-check resulted in police uncovering a cannabis cultivation in Ramsgate.

Yesterday morning (May 15) officers from Kent Police’s Thanet Community Policing Team approached the occupant of a parked vehicle in Argyll Drive who they believed was involved in drug-dealing.

The car was searched, resulting in the recovery of a locking knife from the glovebox. The driver was arrested on suspicion of possessing a knife.

Further searches were then carried out at a property in the town, where officers found cannabis plants. A second floor of the property also had more cultivation equipment set up. Around 35 mature plants were seized by officers and cultivation equipment was dismantled and taken away.

A collection of  bladed weapons was also found and seized during the search, including two zombie knives.

The 33-year-old man from Ramsgate was further arrested on suspicion of cultivating cannabis and possession of an offensive weapon.

He was released on bail until 12 August while enquiries continue.


  1. Great job KP, never understand why they’re released on bail, are they likely to be seen again!

    I assume the property was rented, if so the landlord will be looking at a hefty bill to repair any damage caused by building this farm.

  2. It would have been helpful to know the address of the property! If its near me I would want to know because it will devalue neighbouring property!

  3. Policing drugs is a waste of time money and resources.
    Legalised drug market takes the money out of criminals pockets.
    Look at American proabishion

  4. I’m not surprised… If you download the telegram app and go on people nearby it’s shows a whole list of people selling drugs in the local area .I have reported this to telegram and the police and nouthing has been done about it .

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