St Ethelbert’s children crown ‘Mary’ and celebrate coronation

The crowning of Mary service at St Ethelbert's

St Ethelbert’s Catholic Primary School & Nursery in Ramsgate celebrated both the ‘Crowning of Mary’ and the Coronation of the King at a whole school mass.

The children were dressed in red, white and blue and pupils from each class were chosen to bring flowers to place by Mary.

The ceremony is when an image or likeness of the Blessed Virgin Mary is ceremonially crowned to signify her as Queen of Heaven and the Mother of God.

Mary was crowned by two of the children who were delighted to be chosen for the special honour. The girls have completed all their First Holy Communion lessons at school and are going to be travelling back to Poland to make their First Holy Communion with all their family.

A school spokesperson said: “The children were able to answer all the questions from Father Christopher about the Coronation during the homily and then Fr Christopher made a lovely comparison of Crowning Mary and Crowning of the King. The children read with real reverence, sang beautifully, and were an absolute credit to the school.

“Later that day during our celebration assembly, our youngest members of the school enjoyed bringing up flowers to crown Mary. This was finished with the whole school praying the Hail Mary in French. What a lovely day was had by all.”