Heavyweight The Romford Bull attends Ramsgate Boxing Show

The Romford Bull (white top) at the Pavilion

The unbeaten Heavyweight boxing prospect, The Romford Bull -match record 8-0  with 7 knockouts – attended the Ramsgate Boxing Show on Friday at the Broadstairs Pavilion along with his trainer Mark Tibbs.

Johnny Fisher and his trainer turned out to support the show, hand out trophies and meet the boxers.  Former Ramsgate Heavyweight John McCormack invited the boxer and trainer, who John has known and trained with for many years.

John McCormack and Johnny Fisher

John said: “The Thanet coastline is an amazing place to train and this visit is something I planned to support the show but also show Johnny and Mark where I was born and the fantastic facilities we have on our doorstep.”

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Johnny said: “ I had a great evening watching the boxing and loved the venue being right next to the beach. I would like to congratulate all the boxers and organisers for putting together a great night of boxing and raising funds on the evening for the local boxing club.”

Johnny’s next fight will be at the OVO Arena Wembley on June 10th


  1. I was a half way decent boxer 60 odd years in the Army, but I am no longer a fan! The point of boxing is to inflict brain damage on your opponent, this could severely mentally and physically damage someone, possibly for life!

    • There is a bit more to boxing than what you mentioned.

      No one goes into a boxing ring with the “point” of Inflicting brain damage.

      Anymore than ice-hockey players go onto the rink to hit each other with their sticks…it does happen in both sports but rarely is fatal.

    • Surely the point of boxing is ”the noble art of self defence” – any hooligan can inflict ‘brain damage’ on someone, but body and jaw shots are unlikely to cause such injuries, but can disable an aggressive attacker. If more people knew how to effectively defend themselves without using weapons (I learned to box at school) there would be far fewer violent crimes, as assailants would find far fewer easy victims.

      • Are you a medical doctor? If so I would have thought you would know that a blow to the head can kill! A few years ago Donald Dewer MP, fell on a slippery step, striking his head on the ground, it killed him!

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