Chilton Primary’s colourful coronation celebrations

Coronation fun at Chilton

The King’s coronation was celebrated in sartorial style at Chilton Primary in Ramsgate.

Children from all year groups wore patriotic red, white and blue coloured outfits to highlight the historic landmark of King Charles III official investiture.

Union flag dresses, tops, hats and hair bows were popular, as were tee shirts and tops with a printed coronation images. Face paint stencils, crowns and tiaras added to the colourful array, while others wore their favourite leisure clothes in the colour-themed occasion including a number of football shirts.

Teachers and other staff also joined in the fun and dressed to impress in the national colours, while pupils also enjoyed a special party lunch as the celebrations continued.

Kate Law is Head of School/Director of Education. She said: “Chilton is happy to mark this historic event – the children and staff entered into the spirit of the occasion. The coronation of a new monarch is something very few people have seen and it is an important historic and cultural landmark in our children’s lives and it something they will always remember.”