Photos: Fireworks- and a conga – mark the Coronation

Fireworks in Margate Photo Frank Leppard

Firework displays were held last night (May 6) to mark the coronation of King Charles III and the Queen Consort.

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In Broadstairs there was a firework display over Viking Bay including a celebratory crown and beacon lighting on the beach.

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Revellers in Margate enjoyed a Coronation Conga along Marine Drive with steel band from Your School of Music Canterbury and then fireworks on Margate main sands.

More events take place today and tomorrow including fireworks on Ramsgate beach opposite the Tunnels.

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  1. Oh joy more fireworks..another night of dogs barking , and all because some extremely rich twerp wants 250million spent on putting a crown on his head.. wonderful

    • Another killjoy,just stop moaning and get a life ,I am not the greatest fan of the royal family ,but people having a good night, great ,on the beach and marine gardens as I said great and stop the moaning

      • Ive got a life, it revolves around my home and my animals, and yet another poxy excuse for fireworks is really just another night of no rest, as for the royal family. meh’.. people enjoying themselves is great, shame its to celebrate yet another 250million spent from taxpayers money to crown someone who has more money than sense

          • As a carer for a disabled and housebound and majority of the time bed bound wife im afraid to say there are no days off

  2. Do you think it the monarchy was abolished, would your life change ,no ,it wouldn’t,you would just moan about the choice of President ,if that’s what you want to call ,the title,and ,yes ,you can vote out a president,but, would still,moan about that, and do, you think, a president, with all ,that goes with it ,would be cheaper ,dream on,or are you just jealous because you ,have not got ,a lot of money ,it sounds like it

    • No it would, it really would.. but you clearly have no understanding, and im not really in the mood to explain. let those who cant afford their bills, enough food etc carry on flag waving despite all this…

    • Doesnt work like that, Head of state if anything. no more paying millions a year to keep a bunch of toffs who have more money than they could ever spend

    • Jealous of a bunch of freeloading royal family members who get everything paid for, tax loopholes, laws they dont have to abide too ? its sickening, go wave your flag you muppet

      • Um notmyking so you live in Great Britain , with a British passport, probably claiming help to care for your wife witch is fare enough, hope she’s well , but your a British citizen so you have no choice of having a king , be proud of your country, if not then move abroad simple .

        • Yes, in the main part you are correct, why would i want to move country, i see no need for a monarchy, and trust me im not the only one.
          As for the wife, as well as can be expected for someone whos life is spent in pain, in bed, and unable to have an actual life. struggling to pay bills in the cost of living crisis while this ridiculous amount of money was spent to crown a King who in this day and age serves no purpose, how many laws do they evade, how many taxes do they evade. they live above what any of us could dream to live like. and for what ?

  3. I forgot ,you always have rich and poor under any system ,tell me of one in the world at the moment where everyone is equal, apart from when your dead

    • did i say otherwise.. more my point why is it the population still paying 250million for this coronation at a time of a cost of living crisis.But hey Charlie boy wanted his new gold coach and the full works. id rather not celebrate anything to do with them.

    • well thats 250million spent on a lot of other stuff, he could have gone low key like he mentioned, but nope a full on full blown bash right when everyones feeling the pinch and companies are going bust.. but hey he is the king after all

  4. Oh dear – Notmyking clearly has a huge chip on his shoulder and is jumping on a bandwagon of minority protestors. Tens of thousands lined the streets of London to show support for the King. A few hundred turned out to protest. We live in a democracy – or perhaps Notmyking wants to abolish democracy as well ?

    Does he really think we would be better off with an English version of Trump or Biden ? How much does he think all that costs with Airforce 1 and a cavalcade of armoured limousines being transported around the world ? I bet that cost is far greater than the gold coach that has kept in service for a couple of hundred years !

    • Oh dear, are you one of the loyal flag waving minions ?
      We clearly dont have as much democracy as you would like to think, corrupt governments that let us vote?And a few hundred maybe, you do realise democracy now thinks its ok to arest peaceful protestors?
      You have your views many of us have ours..

  5. Unfortunately,Notmyking,you will never convince all these royal brown nosers,who revel in the excesses of these inbred parasites,putting on a multi million pound circus.
    How people can spend hours in front of the t.v,as well as camping out for days,to watch these clowns,is beyond me.

    • This is sadly very true, the Royal family literally evade and are exempt form laws, tax laws. actual criminal laws. its a disgusting state of affairs.. but hey as long as the loyal flag wavers get a party , who cares aye

  6. Did the fireworks happen in Ramsgate last night? Heard the fog horn around 8pm so wasn’t sure if they went ahead? There were only pics of Margate and Broadstairs fireworks on IOTN today.

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