Festability at Quex cancelled for 2023 due to significant costs and falling ticket sales

Festability at Quex

The Festability event at Quex, which is an inclusive festival for people with disabilities and those without, has been cancelled this year after organisers faced increased costs and low ticket sales.

Festability, was started in 2018 by three mums after they learnt about a similar event in the North West.

Mainstream festivals can be too noisy and crowded for some families living with disabilities, but Festability provided extras to make the event inclusive to all.

Sadly, this year the mums face a loss of £40,000 which they would have to cover and so have made the decision to cancel.

In a statement the trio say: “Festability is three mums who organise the event in a purely voluntary capacity. We are not a large corporate organisation.

“The event costs us in excess of £60k to put on (infrastructure of venue, toilets, mobiloo, fence panels, stage, security, insurance, marquees, 1st aid, entertainment etc)

“Costs have increased significantly this year and ticket sales are down considerably. Taking those sales into account, along with our projected sales up to the event and on the day (based on previous years), we are looking at a loss of £40k. This is a loss the three of us would have to split and cover, which we can’t afford.

“We appreciate there are still 5 weeks to go, but if we wait another week, we have to start paying final payments on the infrastructure and our loss goes up considerably.

“We have therefore had to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel Festability in June 2023.

“Please know we did not make this decision lightly and if there was any way we could still go ahead, even with a small financial hit, we would do so.

“We have booked to hold the event next year on Saturday 8 June, 2024 at Quex Park.  If you have bought a ticket for this year, we will be emailing all of you this week and offering a refund or the opportunity to carry your tickets over to 2024.

“Thank you to everyone who has bought tickets or shown your support this year, it really does mean the world to us and we are truly sorry to have to make this decision.

“Debs, Carrie and Vanessa.”

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  1. It’s unfortunate but so many music festivals are cancelling for exactly the same reason. People are leaving it either to the last minute to get tickets or to get them on the day, which really does not help event organisers.

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