Teenager suffers ankle injury after being hit by car in Ramsgate

South East Coast Ambulance Service (image Secamb)

A teenage boy has been taken to hospital with an ankle injury after being hit by a car in Ramsgate this morning (May 3).

Kent Police was called at 8.35am to Boundary Road following reports of the collision. Paramedics also attended.

 A police spokesperson said: “The pedestrian was taken to a local hospital by SECAMB for treatment to an ankle injury.”

The road was closed both ways while emergency services attended to the incident.


  1. I try to cross Boundary Road most mornings, and it can be a nightmare! Traffic comes in batches from the cross roads at Park Road/Margate Road/Chatham Street. Or from the opposite directions from the traffic lights near ALDI. I saw the lad being treated, which closed Boundary Road for some time. Every morning I see hundreds of people in my road nearby, trying to get to the Grammar school, or the ASDA Store. There is a desperate need for a pedestrian crossing near to where the lad was hit, and a petition was made last year I believe, but KCC Highways turned it down on the grounds there hadn’t been enough accidents, Duuurh!

    • KCC are good at doing that, they turned a crossing point down for Ramsgate Road at Enterprise Road junction for the same reason. It is 40MPH there with shops and school annexes. The kids and shoppers try and run across in between the busy traffic. There have been incidents but not serious enough apparently.

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