Midlife Movers dance class members from Thanet join Canterbury flashmob

Midlife Movers flashmob

Members of Midlife Movers dance classes in Ramsgate and Birchington joined those from groups across the south east for a flashmob in Canterbury City Centre.

Around 120 dancers from the classes aimed at those aged 40 and above got together to entertain shoppers at the end of last month.

And video posted to social media accounts has gained the thumbs up from people including Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden.

Midlife Movers was set up last year by Debs Forsyth who then had to resigned from her job to run it full time.

The Midlife Movers sessions started in Sandwich but demand exploded – resulting in classes opening in Thanet, Deal, Dover, Folkestone and Canterbury.

Mum-of-five and nan of six  Debs, says the idea came after her search for a dance class suitable for herself proved impossible.

The 54-year-old, from Sandwich, said: “I used to always dance and over the years took some little classes but they didn’t suit me. I did a Clubathon but it was all 90s anthems and was quite high impact so I started to think I could do something myself.

“One Sunday morning I did a little post on one of my Sandwich (facebook) pages about having a little dance class in a hall with 70s and 80s music and the rest is history!”

There are plans to open a Midlife Movers class in Margate and Thanet could be next in line for the flashmob show!

Debs said: “About 120 Midlife Movers from all over South East Kent; Ramsgate, Birchington, Sandwich, Deal, Dover, Folkestone, rural villages, Canterbury and Whitstable classes, came together and performed a seven minute Flashmob in Canterbury city centre.

“The crowd absolutely loved them and there were lots of Midlife Movers holding jackets and showing support.

“I am looking to start a class in Margate if there is enough interest and who knows, you might see us popping up and entertaining the crowds in Thanet over the summer!

“A reel of the event has been circulated on Facebook and Instagram and even Amanda Holden has watched and liked it!”

Find Midlife Movers on facebook here


  1. True. I’m glad you approve of a person’s hard work and creativity being awarded. Very open-minded of you. And it’s good to see that you support community events.

    • Nice effort ladies which made me smile although I thought the choreography could be a bit better ,but well done for giving it a go .
      If you want to see an excellent flash mob with great choreography then check out via YouTube
      “ Flash mob 100 girls dance in Piccadilly Circus to Beyoncé Single ladies “
      That’ll definitely put a smile on your face ! Lol

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