Photos: Sandwich Salutes the 40s

1940s in Sandwich Photo Frank Leppard

Photos by Frank Leppard

The 1940s are in full swing in Sandwich with re-enactments, classic and military vehicles, stalls, NAAFI, Bar, St Peter’s events.

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Music, vintage offerings, food and fun are on offer at Sandwich Quay and Delf Street for the bank holiday, running up until, and including, May 1. Opening times are 10am to 4pm.



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  1. I didn’t know the NAAFI still existed! Over 60 years ago we squadies were always grateful it was, as a NAAFI van would often pull up when we were on exercise or the ranges. I don’t know if the reinactors know that NAAFI was interpreted as No Ambition And F…all Interest! Incidentally, the only soldier allowed to have a beard in the army was the Pioneer Sergeant, no one else and I don’t know why!

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