Man punched and robbed by three teenagers in Margate

Image Kent Police

Detectives are appealing for witnesses after a man had his wallet stolen during an early morning robbery in Margate.

The incident took place between 3.40am and 4.30am on Sunday 23 April.

The victim, a man in his 30s, was walking in the area of Union Crescent, Addington Street and Dane Hill when he was approached by three people and punched to the ground.

His phone and wallet containing bank cards were stolen during the incident. Attempts were made to use the cards later at shops in the town.

The suspects are described as three white males in their late teens.

Officers would like to appeal for anyone in that area who has private CCTV, doorbell or dashcam footage taken around the time of the robbery to get in touch.

Witnesses should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/73385/23.

You can also call Kent CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete their online form on


    • Did a “dammed good thrashing” ever solve anything?
      When we still had capital punishment,cit didn’t stop people from committing acts of murder.

      • The comment was not about stopping the offence it was an opinion as to a suitable sanction for committing the offence. If you have people who choose to attack someone 3 on 1 purely to rob them , smashing their hands and elbows with a big stick seems a not unreasonable response , especially if the victim was allowed to administer it. The theft of the wallet is probably the minor part of the effects of the attack, what will it have done to the victims confidence and willingness to continue living as they had?
        In the unlikely event the perpetrators are caught and prosecuted what would your sanction be for their actions?

        • Have you thought of moving to Saudi Arabia? Their approach to crime and punishment seems to gel with your notions.

          • Come along Phyllis – please explain exactly how you would go about punishing such crimes, and preventing them from happening in the future . . .

          • Having worked in saudi and actually spoken with the locals and how their laws and punishments are applied , i can assure you it’s very different to how the extremes of their system are presented by some to us here. I was invited to watch an execution but declined.

            As a society my view is that we’ve drifted to a situation where thugs such as those in the article can behave pretty much immune to any real sanction, but their actions can totally ruin people’s lives. I’m of the opinion that those that are happy to so casually use violence should be on the receiving end of what they dish out from their position of power ( in this case 3 on 1 means the victim has no chance of defeating them or really defending themselves effectively, only today there is a story in the national press of someone being killed by young people in a row over dog mess. Anyone with a mob mentality over such a trivial issue, needs locking up forever no matter how old they are). More needs to be thought of how devastating such incidents are on the victim., in the ansence of locking idiots like this up for considerable periods of time what sanction do you feel is appropriate?

          • You have plenty of objections but no solutions , or do you believe that everyone should forever turn the other cheek and forgive ? Damaged hands and elbows are very painful, cause great inconvenience until healed and often end with restricted use, so the perpetrators will have a long lasting reminder of what they’ve done and be less able to repeat the offence , but at the same time a battered elbow or hand is never going to be life threatening, where as punching someone to the ground has on too many occasions resulted in someones death.

        • Why not cut off their hands altogether? That way they’ll NEVER be able to attack or rob anyone again. And, we can introduce laws against women playing sport, going out without covered faces or male realtives with them, alcohol consumption, non hetero sexual orientation and practices, and certain people standing for election. Then, we’ll truly be a great liberal democracy, just like Iran. Oh, wait…

          • A bit over the top for the UK. It’s not something I would want to see either, but then what is the answer when all this violence is on our streets ? I can understand reactions like this when no real penalties exist, if they can even catch them !

      • I think you will find the murder rate increased with the abolition of capital punishment. Personally, I cannot support capital punishment on the grounds that there is evidence of the innocent having been executed. However, it is apparent that the modern criminal fears neither the police nor the courts.

        • That is not true.
          Generally speaking, in countries across the globe, murder rates *fell* following abolition of the death penalty.
          There is not one civilized country that still uses the death penalty (and I don’t include USA in the definition of “civilized”).

          • I agree that America is not deserving of the title “civilised” but capital punishment is an essential part of any true justice system.
            What other countries do is their business but we should seriously consider a restoration of hanging for crimes involving children, rape, terrorism and murder.
            British governments do not allow referenda on this issue for the obvious reason … the people would vote for it.

          • Not in the UK Phyliss. They are rising like crazy, and mainly around teenagers and young adults carrying knives. We need some sort of a system that catches violent offenders then integrates them back into society after paying the price for their actions. Consequences are an important message to get across and it needs to be consistent and standard. There are too many do-gooders who just haven’t a clue what they are on about sadly and let people off the hook. There is no place for violence so there needs to be a system that protects the public.

      • Have you been to Singapore, low crime ,because ,even if you purposely drop litter,or chewing gum consequences are strict,people walk the streets safely

      • Capital punishment did not deter some killers but years ago a murder was front page news as it was a rare event. Nowadays the prisons are like holiday camps and life ( typically 11 years ) often means 6 years. The police must despair at the sentences handed out by the judges who must follow guidelines . The police get little respect if any from many wayward youths in our modern day sadly

      • Since the do-holders took over the respect for others , self discipline , respect for property and just about everything else has disappeared. Nothing wrong with a firm hand in schools and fines for parents when their vermin break the rules

      • Phyllis you’re thinking fascinates me – condoning the 3 on 1 attack by saying no slap on the hand, perhaps psychology will help the poor 3 dears doh.

        • I have re-read Phyllis Quot’s comments and I don’t see where she says “slap on the hand” or “perhaps psychology will help the poor dears”. How would psychology in itself help them? Applied psychiatry might, though.

        • I don’t think people should be referred to as vermin. Such dehumanization was one of the Nazis’ tactics.

        • Since when has beating people on the hands and elbows severely enough to incapacitate use of them for some time been ”a slap on the hand”?

  1. Muggings were far worse in the 70s and 80s.

    We didn’t have websites reporting every mugging mind you.

    Project fear from the posters here is ridiculous.

  2. Let us consider the term “mugging”, one of those jokey made-up words designed to be a euphemism. Let us use the correct term which is robbery with violence or the threat of violence. That is the harsh reality. It is a serious crime, as such.

    • What’s brexit got do with muggings and assault,I forgot it never happened before,brexit,or did murder burglary,rape drink driving and any other crimes ,GET A LIFE,muzz and get the blinkers off

        • What with Jeremy corbyn,we a be a satellite country of putin and Kier starmer ,changes his mind as often as chelsea change managers

        • And in the 70,s not being able to bury our dead ,no bin collections,and everything else that went on under a labour government,for months on end ,being held hostage by militant unions ,and the virtually the same happening now ,just hope to many people don’t die when doctors and nurses to on strike

  3. Ok I shouldn’t have called the children vermin, how about smelly rodents!, completely out of control.

  4. “Smelly rodents” is nasty too. I’m looking forward to voting Labour on Thursday.

  5. Police have their hands tied and when they present their evidence to the CPS unless they can produce a photo/CCTV of the crime along with other evidence unless its a 99% possibility of a conviction they will refuse it as their budget is limited and all that Police time & effort is totally wasted.
    The Guardian Angels in New York city has spread to over 130 cities and 13 countries.
    What we need is controlled Vigilantes to take over when the system fails us.

    • Why do people like “Scrutinizer” stay in Britain when they’d evidently be much happier living in some barbaric land far away from Thanet where people get hanged or beheaded, get deprived of other, various, bodily parts,and generally suffer under backward, cruel, narrow-minded laws?

        • Robert. I have come to the conclusion that Dear Phyllida is totally oblivious to the underbelly of criminality and the harm they cause to their victims. I am afraid trying to advance reasoned debate with her is a total waste of time. I do wonder sometimes whether if she is related to Marva Rees who use to post on these discussion threads.

          • Laurence, the question is, is she serious with her lefty liberal delusions?
            I believe the two women you mention are one and the same. No one else on here follows the same narrow mind set, repeating again and again to the point it has become boring.
            No punishment? There is no alternative to a damned good thrashing. It has its effect in the pain inflicted and the victim has some kind of recompense as a result.

    • Vigilante justice, what a fantastic idea! All the mob needs is funding for pitchforks and torches…

  6. Calling someone a scumbag is bad, but not as bad as calling people rats and vermin, the way the Nazis did when referring to Jews.

  7. So Phyllida what would you call the filthy disgusting low life’s that roam around Thanet looking to hurt people , paint on walls or throw their needles and rubbish anywhere they like.

  8. Nobody could like, let alone love, the sort of comments some people on theses threads make about me. I am, of course, not lonely.

    Marva Rees

    • You come across as very lonely and that’s a pity ,for you to be so lonely,and yes nobody has flagged you off

    • As Voltaire once said ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’ – and when people stop having that attitude, we’re REALLY in trouble

  9. I’m not at all lonely, and if you, Ray, think nobody has insulted me then you haven’;t been paying much attention to IoTN comments.

    Marva Rees

    • I have Phyllis Roberts or what name you want to go by ,people are big their penalties that should handed out ,in like you ,who no punishments should ,be given,some on this platform are slightly disturbed ,about Saudi like punishment,going to far ,but I did not agree ,with the death sentence,but life sentences ,should be ,that life ,no parole ,it you cannot do the time ,don’t do the crime ,12 years for murder is a joke ,occasionally a judge does still get it right ,but Kier Starmer,went along with these sort sentences,along with not deporting rapists and murderers ,back to their own country

  10. I wanted to see what it felt like to be using a pseudonym. Would I start writing in a different style? Would people respond to me in a different way? Of course I now find that the answer to both these questions is no.

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