Line-up for Margate Pride at Dreamland announced

Margate Pride Photo Frank Leppard

Tickets for Margate Pride at Dreamland go on sale this Thursday (April 27).

Margate Pride events at the park take place on Saturday 12th August, 5pm-11pm, with the line- up including B Witched, Claire Richards, Duncan James, Secret Special Guest, Jonbers, Just May, Le Fil, and hosted by River Medway.

There will also be a Don’t Cha Disco with Kimberly Wyatt, Dame Jame and Mr Theo at the After Party in Hall By The Sea Tickets will need to be purchased separately for the After Party.

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Tickets from £25 plus booking fee go on general sale Thursday at noon.

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    • That is a description of practically every other event we have isn’t it? Carnivals, car shows, dog shows, gigs, exhibitions, walking trails, water gala etc etc

      • All of which Kathy are available to the Lgbt community. It does seem strange that they want us to be inclusive but specifically organise an event which celebrates the fact they are different. Doesn’t add up, but I’m an old geezer from a different time and with no doubt a different world. But at least I know the difference between a man and a woman…. thank goodness.

  1. Real world don’t blame you, this pride rubbish always stuffed in peoples faces pride this pride that, world was meant to be man and woman

  2. Excellent news and line up and a great event we can be very proud to be involved with.

    The comments section here proves why it’s still important.

    Nothing in being stuff in my face. Ridiculous comment.

    Same ridiculous homophobia.

    I’m a middle aged straight man not sure why pride triggers so many straight males

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