Ramsgate’s Ravensgate Arms to shut due to soaring costs

The Ravensgate Arms Photos Chris Constantine

Spiralling costs and a fall in the number of people using pubs has prompted the decision to shut the doors of The Ravensgate Arms in Ramsgate at the end of this month.

The King Street pub had reopened in September 2017 after being closed for just over three months.

Roger Bell when The Ravensgate Arms reopened in 2017 Photo Chris Constantine

A swell of support for the venue persuaded Ramsgate Brewery boss Eddie Gadd, the pub’s original manager, Roger Bell and Isle magazine editor Kiki Case to come together to bring the pub back to life.

​Since that date it has been used by a diverse range of customers and been a base for restaurants such as Stark and, currently, Dirtee Feast. The team also ran a summer pop-up at the Boating Pool on Royal Esplanade.

But the after-effects of covid and the soaring costs of utility bills and goods has meant the business is not in a position to continue.

Eddie Gadd Photo Chris Constantine

Eddie said: “It is really sad, it is a lovely pub and whenever I’m in there it has a busy atmosphere but I know the end of line figures. All pubs are having a hard time, no-one is doing particularly well and (Ravensgate) is a small pub.

“It would be perfect for an owner manager but as a managed business, it just means pouring cash into it.

“It is just the times, the electricity bill has risen and there is another big increase coming, bills are three times what they were.”

Kiki added: “It is a combination of rising costs and not enough people coming through the doors since covid.”

Photo Chris Constantine

Most staff were already connected with Ramsgate Brewery so have been absorbed into that business but some casual staff will be looking for new jobs.

Dirtee Feast owner Dean Adams says his business will continue and talks are underway for a new location.

He added: “I will be continuing. It isn’t what I wanted but I am not concerned. I will be (at the pub) for next week and then hopefully will finalise for a new place.”

A farewell drinks event will take place at the pub on Friday (April 28) with a drink the pub dry session the following day. The doors will then close.

It is hoped someone will take on the building lease for a pub or other venture.


  1. Very sad indeed that the Ravensgate is closing but rising costs are only a part of the story here. It has been obvious for some while that Eddie Gadd and Kiki Case were not really interested in running a craft beer pub when he already owns the Montefiore Arms. The recent decision not to replace the long term barman with a permanent employee coupled with a disinterested area manager have had I suspect a negative impact on turnover and now the many regulars will be looking for a new home as will Dirtee Feast who run the kitchen and who have been given just one weeks notice along with the bar staff, a very shabby way to treat people Mr Gadd.

    • Out of interest, Mr businessman, what line of business are you in and what is the real name of your business? Are you as secretive about your business as you are about your own identity? Why not just use an alias such as “bitter as twisted observer”?

  2. Ian we are all entitled to our opinion, I have expressed mine based on fact and that it is sad that a local business is closing at very short notice, with at least two part time employees without a job after next week and another local business given one week to relocate or close. It is just not what I would have expected from Eddie Gadd who runs an important local business much loved by many in Ramsgate including myself. If the Ravensgate Arms was losing money so heavily why on earth did they reopen it after the pandemic which devastated so many other hospitality businesses.

  3. No business can trade at a loss for obvious reasons. The town and in particular the King Street has been neglected by TDC for the past 20 plus years with good businesses pulling out because of lack of footfall. Fast becoming a true Ghost Town. Any investment is directed at the harbour with none at all in the town 😢😢😢

  4. It is very sad indeed that inadequate notice periods have been given to stakeholders and not full transparency. To begin to cancel events and tap takeovers and even preparing a news article before telling your own staff and co businesses lacks integrity and fair treatment. Why would you treat fellow human beings in such a dismissive way? The bar manager was appraising patrons of the forthcoming closure once he left for a new job weeks ago.

  5. No joy in operating at a loss. Just try it as it is a hopeless task. Sadly lots more town businesses are about to close due to lack of customers . Ramsgate town is in a diabolical state with unswept streets and a Ramsgate Town Council that does not care at all. Only the harbour area gets any investment , and thousands of pounds of Council ratepayers cash wasted opposing Manston Airport. Unbelievable waste

    • If it means that the joke of an airport, that is being set up by fraudsters doesn’t open, that is certainly not a waste of money, that is money well spent unless you have hot air in your head rather than a brain!

  6. Serves them right.
    Over prices keep people away.
    There has to be a balance between getting people through the door and making a profit.

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