Warning issued to gym users over bike thefts at retail park in Westwood

Hollie is offering a reward for the return of her son's bike (pictured)

A mum is warning cyclists who park their bikes at the side of PureGym at Westwood to be aware following several thefts.

Hollie Marsh says her 16-year-old son had his bike swiped on March 31, which he had locked up outside during a gym session.

Police have also received two other reports of bikes taken from the same location during March and April.

Hollie says the gym needs to make customers aware of the risk in the light of CCTV only covering the entrance and inside the gym.

The outside area and car park at the Westwood Gateway retail park is managed by agent Savills while the area at the side of the gym is a public footpath.

Hollie said: “My son went to the gym at about 6pm and locked his bike up on the posts where there is a CCTV camera. When he came out of the gym his bike had gone. I was away so my mum phoned the emergency line and they said they would pass on to the day manager to review the CCTV and get back  to her.

“We didn’t hear anything so I went in a couple of days later to speak to the manager and they didn’t know anything about it.

“PueGym don’t own the CCTV at the side of the building as they rent the site from Savills.

“After talking to Savills, it turned out the CCTV camera by PureGym is not active.

“We spoke to PureGym again and asked why people weren’t being warned about the bike thefts and they said they were letting people know on the facebook page but we didn’t see anything. I have heard on facebook groups of about seven bikes being taken.

“It isn’t PureGym’s fault that bikes are being taken but I think they could offer more support and warn people that it is happening.”

Hollie is now offering a £100 reward for the return of her son’s purple Trek Roscoe bike. She can be contacted on [email protected]

PureGym is advising customers to use the bike racks outside Matalan rather than the pathway area at the side of the gym.

A PureGym spokesperson said: “We are aware that unfortunately a number of bikes have been stolen from the footpath next to PureGym Broadstairs Westwood Gateway Retail Park. When notified about these incidents we have done everything we can to help, including engaging with police and sharing CCTV footage to assist their enquiries.

“These thefts have occurred on a public footpath outside PureGym premises, which is why we have advised members to exercise caution when choosing to cycle to the gym. If members do cycle to the gym we suggest they lock their bikes in the designated bike racks outside Matalan on Westwood Gateway Retail Park, which is a more secure location just a short distance from the gym.”

Reported thefts

Kent Police has confirmed reports of three reported bike thefts at the site in March and April.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police received a report that a purple Trek Roscoe bicycle was stolen while left unattended between 5pm and 8.20pm on 31 March 2023 in a retail park in Westwood Road, Broadstairs.

“Officers are also looking into reports of two other bicycles stolen from the same location. A white Carrera mountain bike was reported stolen between 6pm and 8pm on 6 March and another bicycle was stolen during the afternoon of 11 April.

“Anyone with information regarding the thefts should contact Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/61281/23.”


  1. There are no bike racks outside Mataland or anywhere on the Westwood Retail Park. There have also been reports of PureGym being dirty in general some of the showers are not working and there is no toilet paper. Who cleans the place???

  2. I doubt the toe rags that are doing this read this platform, so just set up a trap, you only need cover both ends of the footpath.

    • “Tow rag”, actually.
      If you lock up your bike, use two different sorts of lock. For example, a “D” lock and a cable lock.
      Lock different parts of your bike with each lock.
      If you’ve got a valuable bike, spend lots on the locks. There’s no point in locking up a £2000 bike with a £10 cable lock that a pair of scissors cut defeat.

  3. I have often wondered who buys a stolen bike? Up until last May I had been riding a bike for over 26 years, not just in the UK buy also in Spain where I used to winter, and never had a bike stolen. I was once offered a cheap bike from a Russian, but declined! A true bike enthusiast wouldn’t buy a 2nd hand bike unless they know its providence, so who is buying them?

    • Second hand bikes can be good, especially top end racing bikes, basically a lot of people take up the sport then pack it in as it can be quite hard.

  4. Perhaps the bikes are being sold on the Interweb? That would be a good place to start looking if your bike has been stolen!

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