Eastenders team filming scenes in Margate’s Old Town

Eastenders filming in Margate Old Town Photo Frank Leppard

Photos Frank Leppard

Scenes for BBC soap Eastenders are currently being shot in Margate.

Crews are filming scenes at Wildes café this morning (April 17). Characters spotted so far are Lola Pearce-Brown played by Danielle Harold, Amy Mitchell played by Ellie Dadd, Bailey Baker played by Kara-Leah Fernandes and Lols’s husband Jay Brown, portrayed by Jamie Borthwick.

Photo Frank Leppard

Parking bay restrictions in Market Place for the filming are in place until 8pm tonight.

In the soap terminally ill Lola has discovered she only has a few months left to live and will have to break the news to her grandfather Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) when he returns to the Square.

Brain Tumour Research worked with EastEnders on the storyline as Lola was diagnosed with a glioblastoma (GBM).

Credit Roberto Fabiani

Lola’s diagnosis with a GBM means that, like many patients with this devastating disease, she faced a bleak prognosis. GBM is the most common type of primary high-grade brain tumour in adults. This tumour type is very challenging to treat and the average survival time is distressingly short – just 12-18 months.

EastEnders has been working with Brain Tumour Research and Macmillan Cancer Support on the storyline to ensure it is portrayed as realistically and as sensitively as possible.

Photo Frank Leppard

Sue Castle-Smith, Head of PR and Communications at Brain Tumour Research, said: “We are grateful to EastEnders for helping to raise awareness of brain tumours.

“Lola’s story is all too familiar to thousands of families; brain tumours are indiscriminate and can affect anyone at any age, they kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer.

“Increased awareness is vital as we campaign for the Government and the larger cancer charities to invest more to improve outcomes for patients and, ultimately, to find a cure.”

Find support at: https://www.braintumourresearch.org/

Photo Frank Leppard

The Eastenders crew were last in Thanet when filming took place at Joss Bay in October for the exit scenes of Mick Carter, played by Danny Dyer.

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The scenes for the 2022 Christmas Day Special and Boxing Day Special featured  dramatic car crash scene at Joss Bay involving Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) and Janine (Charlie Brooks). Mick Carter (Danny Dyer) manages to rescue them from the ocean, but he never returns.

Photo Frank Leppard

In 2015, the Eastenders production visited Broadstairs and Ramsgate in an episode where Tina (Luisa Bradshaw-White ), Shirley (Linda Henry) and Mick (Danny Dyer) go on the hunt for their father Stan’s (Timothy West) stolen ashes.

Photo Frank Leppard

Locations featured included the Port of Ramsgate, Victoria Gardens and Morelli’s in Broadstairs, and Stone Bay where the Carter family scatter Stan’s ashes.


  1. What fantastic further publicity for Thanet – Margate especially. Thanks to Frank Leppard for the great photo’s.

  2. Jamie Birthwick is there. What a talented young actor he is. He can convey more with one look in total silence than many actors can say in an entire episode. Brilliant young actor. He deserves to do well in his career.

  3. With the extra cost involved to T.D.C to host this, is there any indication as to what income, profit or loss, T.D.C. will receive, or will that not be disclosed.

    • TDC invoice the production company for any extra work that need doing. They pay for street cleaning before and after the filming along with any special requests.

      Notwithstanding the removal of the seafront lights after filming ‘Empire of Light’ after the production company generously donated them and left TDC with a massive bill after they realized the maintenance costs!

  4. One of the most depressing programs on TV & no one ever watches TV on these rubbish soaps, do they?

    • Oh I forgot to mention what rubbish actors they all are too, they all sound the same on or off camera.

      • Why bother commenting about rubbish actors if they don’t interest you. Pointless really.

        Many thousands of people enjoy Eastenders and have done since 1985. If they didn’t then they wouldn’t film it anymore !

      • Careful Scrutinizer you might have that fake cockney hard man with his fake accent Danny Dyer coming round. Lol

        Agree thou if eastenders is real life no wonder thanet has so many NFL’s I mean who would want to live in the east end !!

    • Are you hating on actors. Hate is crime. They are making an honest living of highlighting many topical things.

      I ask them to put you in for hate crime on actors.

      • Calling the programme and its actors “rubbish” is unpleasant, but doesn’t seem to involve hatred. It’s nowhere near as nasty as some of the comments on migrants, “DFL”s and artists which are often printed here.

        • I am pretty sure none attended The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art or has a degree in drama but hey …..
          I just seems a place for out of work pop/rock stars, comedians & other high profile celebs – I remember a local guy called ‘Ricky Hards’ a gym owner from Ramsgate getting an extras job in a scene of beating up hardman Phil Mitchell – they were known to take back-handers from extras/anyone in those days to appear in the soap – There are a limited few that aint too bad at acting.

    • Yep and I’m just another sucker that pays £159 a year to the BBC to help pay for this fantastic, exciting acting.

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