St George’s Church in Ramsgate plans new annual parade for St George’s Day

St George's Church Photo Brian Whitehead

St George’s Church in Ramsgate is working with Great British Carnival to bring a new community parade and celebration to the town.

There will be free costume making workshops on Saturday and Sunday afternoons 15/16 and 22 April at St George’s Church Hall, Broad St, Ramsgate, and all ages are welcome. Workshops run from 1pm-4pm

Jemima Brown, regeneration officer for St George’s Church, said “The Church and Hall are already the focus for lots of activity which brings the community together, with the shop and the community meal putting St George’s at the heart of the community in the town centre.

“A new annual parade will bring fun and colour to the High Street and will bring people together to enjoy themselves. The Parade will take place on the pedestrianised part of the High Street and end with a community lunch for everyone.

“We have a beautiful Church in the centre of the town and a great community space in the hall, so we are excited to celebrate St George and his special place in our town.”

As well as the St George’s day event on April 23, preparations for events to mark the Coronation will take place in St George’s Hall, with more free costume making workshops on Saturday 29th April and Saturday 6th May and a parade on May 7.

Teresa Askew of Great British Carnival said “We are delighted to work with St George’s  Church to create these two Spring parade events for the town. We hope that over the next few years we will really pick up momentum and create a lovely annual town centre parade.

“St George’s Day is celebrated throughout Brazil and he is the patron Saint of Samba so Ramsgate’s very own Bloco ‘Samba Ya Wantsum’ will be providing the beat to move your feet. Expect dragons, knights, samba beats and fun.”

The St George’s Day event starts with a service at 11am, parade at noon and lunch at 1.30pm.

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  1. Remember going to the church with the school on St George’s day the girls sat on one side boys the other then after the service we had the rest of the day off, but that was in the 60s . Stand up for St George we were told. The old school was just over the road.

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