Dreamland to host Dog Day with trick training and pet photos

Fun for your dogs at Dreamland Image by Wow Phochiangrak

Dreamland  will host a Dog Day with trick training and pet photography on April 30.

There will be trick training classes provided by Enve Canine Services, taking place in the food court which can be enjoyed by pups big and small for £5 plus booking fee, alongside ‘have a go’ agility for the smartest of hounds, priced at £1.50.

Free doggy ice cream will be available from Rosco’s, plus the best dressed dog and prettiest pup will be awarded paw-fect prizes.

In the VIP hut area, specialist dog photographer, Gary Thatcher will be on hand to capture candid canine shots for £15.

There will also be stalls with gifts and accessories and more activities are due to be announced.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times with paws on the floor.

Trick Training  from 11:20am to 4:40pm and individual 20 minute slot sessions will need to be booked.

Dog Photography  from 11am to 5pm. Individual sessions will need to be booked. Each slot is 5 minutes within a 20 minute window.

Gates open: 10:30am, Rides: from 11am, Park closes 6pm.


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  1. Last year it has been reported some 22,000 people needed NHS treatment after being attacked by dogs, some were killed! Last Friday afternoon as I was returning from lunch along Margate Road Ramsgate, on my mobility scooter, I was attacked by a dog, a Staffy! The dogs owner had stopped to let me go by, and as I did so his dog leapt up hitting me on the shoulder, and its jaws were an inche from my face and neck before the owner managed to pull the dog off me! I was pleased to see in this article dogs will be on leads, and paws on the ground, but that didn’t stop this Staffy from attacking me! I don’t know why dogs chase after people on bikes, as they often did when I was still riding a bike up until last May, perhaps they think we are a Deer, and its some sort of instinct kicking in. I’m still a bit shaken, but just because a dog is on a lead doesn’e mean it won’t attack someone!

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