Police search for driver after crash into vehicle and home in Ramsgate

Police at the scene Photo Emily Reid

Police are searching for a driver who crashed into a parked vehicle and a home in Ramsgate and then left the scene.

Police were called to Southwood Road at 11.15pm yesterday (April 13).

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report a car had collided with a parked vehicle and a property in Southwood Road, Ramsgate at 11.15pm.

“Officers attended the scene and assisted with recovery of the vehicles involved. No serious injuries were reported.

“The driver of the car was not at the scene and enquiries are ongoing to locate them.”


  1. Ramsgate must be home to some of the worst most irresponsible drivers. For a smallish town I’m surprised by the amount of crashes I read about. Especially in residential areas.

    • Car accidents are a regular occurrence. You likely subscribe to IOTN, ergo, logically, you’ll see ALL the news about car crashes locally, where as a few years ago, you likely just heard about em on the grapevine.

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