Funeral fundraiser launched after Margate 34-year-old’s death following asthma attack

Robert was just 34-years-old when he died

A fundraiser has been launched to help a family with funeral costs following the sudden death of a Margate man at the age of just 34.

Robert Huckstep tragically died on April 3 when life machines were turned off at QEQM Hospital.

Robert had been in an induced coma for several days following a cardiac arrest brought on by a prolonged asthma attack.

He had been out with his mum Amanda Healey on the Monday before and then on the Wednesday (March 29th) he was unable to work at the Grumpy Goblin store in Dover due to breathing problems. He had previously been to hospital about the breathing problems and been given a nebuliser.

Mandy says when she popped in to see her son on the Wednesday he was struggling for breath, and she decided to call an ambulance.

Family friend Ingrid Payne, who created the fundraiser and will take the funeral service, said: “The ambulance was at the scene quickly but as they arrived Robert slumped in his mum’s arms.

“Ambulance crew knew he had had a heart attack due to not being able to breathe and they gave him CPR and worked on him for 20-30 minutes. He was put into a coma in the ambulance.

“Robert was in ICU and he had suffered brain damage but medical staff didn’t know the extent of the damage. He had the CT scan the consultant told the family that there was no brain activity due to the damage the lack of oxygen had caused.

“His life-saving machines were turned off at approximately 4pm on Monday, April 3. At such a young age, no funeral plans or insurance were in place and the family are still in a state of disbelief and grief.

“Rob will be sadly missed by so many and has left a huge hole in our hearts.”

Find the fundraising page here

Plea to understand potentially fatal consequences of an asthma attack

Amanda and Robert

Amanda says Robert was a kind and intelligent man, a loving son and caring uncle.

Now the family want people to understand the potentially fatal consequences of an asthma attack and to make sure they do all they can to protect themselves and their loved ones.

People with asthma have airways that are more sensitive and can become inflamed and narrow on exposure to certain triggers.  This can lead to difficulty in breathing.

In most cases, people with asthma can manage their condition by avoiding triggers, taking preventative medication, and taking medication when they experience symptoms but sadly asthma attacks kill 3 people in the UK each day.

Experts at Asthma UK say the condition is not always taken seriously enough, with previous research from the charity revealing that 1 in 6 people in the UK do not know or are unsure if the condition can be fatal.

It is vital that people with asthma understand good inhaler techniques to ensure they are able to take their medicine correctly and receive the right dosage and that they receive a personal asthma action plan from their doctor.

Find help and guidance at


  1. What an utterly insensitive comment Phylis. Yes we are all going to die, but not at 34 and mother’s aren’t always prepared financially to bury their children. Shameful

  2. Yes we are all going to die . But like in life some can afford and some cannot. I’m sure if you could see the future we would all do things a little different. Rip young man

  3. Phyllis Quot, anyone can have a fundraiser organised for them, so I hope that answers your insensitive question.
    The family obviously have friends that care, I don’t personally know the family but I wouldn’t wish these circumstances on anyone and I send my condolences to them, they will need all the support they can get at this awful time, not ridiculous comments from a person who would do well to look up the meaning of the word compassion!

  4. What an evil thing to say. You must be so miserable to be against a fundraiser for one of the nicest young men who tragically died unexpectedly at a young age. If you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.

    RIP Rob – forever loved and missed xx

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