Thanet Pro Wrestling trio take part in 21 man rumble event

Thanet Pro Wrestling trainers took part in the 21 man rumble

The owners and trainers of Thanet Pro Wrestling, based at Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate, have taken part in their first 20 man rumble.

The sold out event, held in Gillingham, actually turned out to be a 21 man rumble when organisers added an extra competitor.

In rumbles, combatants appear one after the another, until a limit of six men are in the ring. Combatants are eliminated when they are pushed out of the ring and both feet touch the floor. This continues until all combatants have been eliminated, leaving the last man standing as the winner.

The Thanet trio, Jamie Hill, Chris Care  and Stewart Pears, were among those in the challenge with Jamie as The Highlander, Chris as Kris Oak and Stewart as The Headline SJ Randall.

Jamie and Stewart made it to the final five.

The rumble also featured Levi Muir who has competed in WWE NXT UK.

Jamie said: “The event had a sold out crowd of 450 people. Myself and Stewart were down to the final 5 people out of the 21 man rumble. We had a few of our academy members watching us in the audience and they have told us they were inspired seeing the coaches who train them do their thing in front of a live audience and breaking out to other promotions outside of Thanet.”

Thanet Pro Wrestling hosts a new show in July at Baytastic in Herne Bay. This is a free outdoor event held at Memorial Park in Herne Bay on July 30, between 10am and 4pm.

Baytastic is part of the Herne Bay Festival running this year between 29th July and 26th August.

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