Photos: Broadstairs Spring Food Festival 2023

Broadstairs Food Festival Photo Frank Leppard

There is still one day left to enjoy the Broadstairs Spring Food Festival.

The festival features almost 100 of the region’s best artisan food and drink producers topped off with a ladleful of great live music and entertainment.

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The ‘foodie’s paradise’  is based at Victoria Gardens and the adjacent bandstand café has a programme of afternoon music and additional seating.

Taking place on Victoria Gardens today, Sunday 9th April, gates open at 10am closing at 5pm.  Entry is free with ‘Pop a Pound’ buckets for people to donate if they wish.


  1. Great but i hate being a party pooper.Living in a road that runs down to Viking Bay the area is strewn with litter. Half eaten food boxes,empty can drinks,platic and wooden knives and forks paper towels plus a baby nappy full of poo. Guess who has to pick it up? Certainly not the council.Left to them it wouldnt happen.Oh and many bins have been left overflowing.So TDC please think about the after effects of such events.

    • I agree Dave. It was better when we were all in lockdown.

      I can’t stand these people all out having fun.

      It’s disgusting.

      Hopefully such events will be banned in future.

  2. Im all for people having fun but I dont see throwing two half eaten plates of meat and rice,smashed bottles and poo filled nappies in the sreet as my responsibilty to clear.If it was left the area would look disgusting. Last firework display the whole seafront looked like a bomb had hit it. So if you think polluting the coast and ignoring litter bins for locals gardens,no wonder we have anti social behaviour.

  3. I totally agree with the mess people are leaving from visiting the area including the Food festival, but I don’t get why they suggest you pay £1 to get in ! We’re already paying over the odds for the food and the organisers are getting tens of thousands from the stall holders too!

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