Two men stabbed in Ramsgate ‘disturbance’

Police were called to the scene Photo Sue Bell

A police cordon was in place in Ramsgate’s Harbour Street this morning after two men were stabbed last night (April 6).

Kent Police was called to a report of a disturbance in the street at 11.20pm.

Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and found two men who had suffered stab wounds.

One victim was taken to a local hospital and another was taken to a London hospital. Neither of the victims’ injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing and officers remain at the scene carrying out enquiries.

Anyone who witnessed what happened or has any information should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/62517/23.

You can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or by using the online form on their website.

The cordon has now been removed.


    • Give 10 yrs in prison for carrying a weapon 20 for using it ,and life if servere wounding has taken place , without parole and half sentence, harder sentences will stop these horrid nasty human beings.

      • “harder sentences will stop these horrid nasty human beings.”

        No, they won’t. See death penalty affect on recidivism in the usa…

  1. Surprise surprise wait for the do gooders to say Ramsgate is a charming place to live 🤦‍♂️

    • But I thought with all tourism and being such lovely place this does not happen in ramsgate. They really have no clue if they think tourism is the answear to employment issues in ramsgate

    • Ramsgate is a charming place to live.
      Super, friendly people, lovely pubs, cafés and restaurants. Quirky shops. Georgian and Regency buildings. The only Royal Harbour in Britain.
      Apparently, since Manston closed, the tourism industry has blossomed.

  2. yep – its turned into a lawless town like the the old wild west , and when will these blinkered people finally admit its a dump! while they are throwing money at the ” arts barge “, most weekends people are being stabbed on the streets, and not looking at tracey emins latest masterpiece as they imagine.

    • Ramsgate, I need hardly say, is far from being “a lawless town like the old wild west”.

    • “Real world” is certainly getting wilder and wilder in his warped descriptions of Ramsgate.

  3. Not entirely sure how arts, tourism and jobs have a direct impact on this sort of crime? Unless the suggestion is that money being invested in these areas would be better spent in policing and eduction? You have a significant amount of arts, tourism and jobs in major cities, yet they all have the same type of crime, so I don’t think it’s fair to say ‘we need proper jobs’ as the solution to this problem. Ask a young person what their idea of a job is these days and I doubt they’d say it was working in an airport or warehouse. Councils just equate the need to build houses as a way to increase their income from those paying council tax. And jobs are equally linked to that, along with transportation links and more recently, attracting people who can now work from home rather than commute to an office or factory nearby. But you can’t attract people to a rundown area without improving it and making it a nice place that people want to move to. And without that council tax income, there isn’t enough money to be spent on social issues, like crime. The world is changing with many things being automated, even AI is likely to start taking desk based clerical and other profession based jobs in the coming years. So all types of traditional career and job options are under threat. Every system needs to change and adapt to this future, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution to this problem, other than increased policing and education opportunities, in the short term. As always, some are gonna lose out during a period of transition. It’s just a shame there isn’t enough money to go around to tackle all of these problems, and I think most councils are just trying to figure out how to make ends meet and using outdated means of income generation to solve a past problem that won’t really solve the challenges of the future.

  4. The real problem Is (County Lines), drugs networks that are set up by mainly but not solely young Black men form inner city London, they come down here and sell drugs to teenagers and then get the teenagers to work for them before returning to London once the franchise Is set-up. The teenagers then sell the drugs on their behalf taking all the risk and they tend to carry knives for what they feel Is for there own protection. Inner City London Boroughs then exacerbate the problem but relocating local residents down to the coast due to London being over crowded and picking up the housing benefits by paying Thanet District Council for what was once there residents, that why this knife culture has gone up. It maybe uncomfortable to hear and would almost certainly be politically incorrect but Its what happening, we simply need more uniformed Police patrolling the streets to reduce this crime spree.

    • Hi Mary, do you actually know these lads were involved with county lines operations, or is it just you repeating the latest boomer buzzword for youth crime?

      “London being over crowded and picking up the housing benefits by paying Thanet District Council for what was once there residents, that why this knife culture has gone up.”

      Do you have statistical sources to confirm this?

  5. Scrote on scrote violence has always happened in every town and it always will.
    It’s hilarious to see people like Real World, who far from living in the real world, lives in a bubble of far right hatred of everything new, somehow blaming art for the kind of street crime that idiots like him get turned on by.

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