St Nicholas at Wade children learn about the unsung heroes of our community

Firefighter fun at Little Seaside Town

Unsung heroes whose dedication keeps the local community running smoothly and safely have been investigated and appreciated by young children at St Nicholas at Wade CE Primary School.

The action-packed topic saw the Reception group explore questions such as who do we call for an emergency at sea or the beach and what number do we dial in case of an emergency?

They have learned their home addresses and a contact number for their parents or carers. They also enrolled in a fire-fighter training course and completed all the challenges firefighter Sam set them.

They have even written letters home and posted them in the local post-box and learned about what happens to the letters and the journey they have to go on before they reach their destinations.

Visitors to the school included members of the police who were quizzed about what their jobs entailed and what they do to help and support the community. A chance to set off the police car siren was a real treat, as was trying on a uniform, and many of the children subsequently voiced an interest in becoming a member of the force!

Two parents who are nurses explained to the children about their important roles in hospital and in the community which gave an interesting insight into the profession.

A visit to the library to find out how to borrow books was a popular learning outing, and creative work to create Thank You and Mother’s Day cards for their at-home heroes were also part of the topic.

A big treat was a visit to the miniature world of Little Seaside Town in Ramsgate where the pupils engaged with the hustle of a community as they explored role play activities in jobs of their choice.

Head Teacher Taralee Kennedy said: “This is a fascinating topic for our very young children to explore the world about them by thinking about the sort of jobs that people do and their importance to our everyday lives.

“They are very enthusiastic to find out more about what people do and how they do it – it certainly gave them a chance to appreciate all the excellent and inspirational work done by so many unsung heroes.

“They were lovely ambassadors for our school whether chatting with guest speakers in school or going on educational trips.

“We were incredibly proud to receive a card from Little Seaside Town praising our children for their exemplary behaviour and attitude to their learning.”